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Cabins at Healing Springs

 The Cabins at Healing Springs 1097 E. Healing Springs Road, Crumpler, NC 28617 "tucked away at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mtns. ... discovered in 1884 and was originally called Thompson's Bromine and Arsenic Springs..." It was a fun getaway late March early April 2023 that the hubby and I did take. So cute. Amazing what you can live without. Is that what folks are calling a "minimalist lifestyle" aren't all the hip cool folks doing it?? I am kidding there. Amazing you don't need it all (or at least what the world thinks you need to be happy, healthy and all well??!) to relax and chill. A queen-sized bed, restroom, fridge, toaster, coffee maker, plates, cups and silverware. & most importantly, so says my hubby, a endless supply of the best water you can ever have. LOL!! Now it is so difficult to wash dishes in a bathroom sink that is super tiny, but it can be done. You might get some water on the floor & here

Catawba, N.C.

  A day trip while visiting in North Carolina in late March, early April 2023 ...we got to see Catawba. Such a sweet town. Small in size but such character. Anyone know why Pepsi keeps changing their emblem? I mean why? What was wrong with what they had in the past; I think you need to keep similar to what you had ...changing it too much will just look silly. "LOGO", is the word I am looking for ... doing a bit of research and I see that 125th anniversary of Pepsi is in 2024.... so, they will be revealing and making a big too do about it then ...guess we will just have to wait and see??!? Which do you prefer small or larger city/towns? Thanks, for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ; 

Union Grove, N.C.

  Linney's Water Mill Store 4635 Linneys Mill Road, Union Grove, NC 28689 (704) 592-2075 update: I see that some of you folks switch browsers, while commenting on blogger ...give me details on that please. so, do you mean you go from Google and then what? I am using Microsoft. so that sometimes is not friendly with Google, I wonder?? Not often but every once in a while, we find a working mill ...this is 1 ...if you are in the area, please check them out, ONLY DO CASH though, so beware of that!! I biggest reason for not buying anything, we can't have that much cash ...not sure how you travel but we don't do cash. It is amazing this day and age how many folks do that, ONLY TAKE CASH?? Makes you so curious?!?!? (side note: are you a farmer, what I mean is do you have a garden? I've been working on my own lately ...last year I did only do plants from the Lowe's.  ... I think I got 3 tomatoes, 1 bean and a few strawberries. This y

WNC Sculpture Park, NC

 Western North Carolina Sculpture Park 4646 Patterson School Drive, Lenoir, NC 28645 Quick side note : On these google commenting issues, please know I am visiting your blogs like normal; I don't always visit ...unless I have a post that I am sharing, sorry that there is just not enough time to always visit, I hope you get that. I love your visit and I thank you for your kindness. You all are so fun, you are my bloggy friends, and I am sorry that google is having issues. If you have any questions, advice or whatnot please let me know. THANK YOU!! If you celebrate, I wish to say Happy EASTER to you!! Enjoy it, may you have a chance to be with the ones you love and celebrate our Risen Lord! God is Good!! Please know that you can always enlarge my photos by clicking on them ...the first one is of a young lady ...I am guessing in her 20's ...but she is one of the amazing, gifted artists who works at this location, creating such amazing pieces can