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Jurustic Park, Marshfield, WI

Clyde Wynia, has "Jurustic Park", and his wife Nancy's workshop: "Hobbit House", these gems are located in Marshfield, Wisconsin, Check out their website:   We were so excited to buy a critter ...we start picking what we wanted out, going around pointing at this one and that one ...oh let's get this for my Mom for Christmas & on and on!!! Then come to find out Clyde only takes CASH!!! What??? We are in 2020, who doesn't take credit cards?? Apparently this dude. LOL!! So scratch that plan. So we got "Clyde" the dog, (please see the 2 pictures above of that signing moment) the real Clyde did sign him and away he went with us.  The artist Clyde was so funny, such a great sense of humor, one of many fun, hilarious, great story for each & every critter there at "Jurustic Park" and so fun to chat with. We had a blast. So fun. Please if you are in the Marshfield area of Wisconsin, check them out. Nancy was s

Runkle Mill, Standardsville, VA

Runkle Mill, Standardsville, VA Is that not last shot gorgeous?? I love the country, don't you? This beauty was off a gravel road, we took a Subway sub sandwich and eat it on that gravel road was a humid hot day in July 2020. I do wonder if this a distance relatives grist mill? Yet again, nobody was around to ask??! I wish this virus was not happening sure has changed the world. I wonder if it is for the good? Or will this affect us all for many years to come?? Makes you think??! Sure was fun. Enjoy your day!! Thank you for stopping by. Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ;

Madison Mill, Locust Dale, VA

Madison Mill, Locust Dale, Virginia Down a little in disrepair kind of a road (on a day trip in July 2020) ...where probably a lot of folks run off to go fishing, to hide out in the shade, when July humidity shows it not so nice face, the shade is the place to be ...we found this two beauties ...the first picture is the remains of "Madison Mill", just a wee bit of the foundation is left, so sad. 2nd picture is a store ...we did imagine a general store. Funny how sometimes we you are doing a bit of research it is so tough to find any information out??! We sure wish there was an "old timer" around to pick his or her mind for some good ole tails about this place. I bet it was one of the best places to get some news of the area, great a pop and play catch up with all the locals. Thank you for stopping by. Hope you are well today. Take Care, Beth ( ;

Jerry Sullivan's Mill, Standardsville, VA

Jerry Sullivan's Mill, Standardsville, VA This was recently added "Virginia Historical Mill Register" (not sure of the correct name, this is just a guess.) We had visited "Village of Graves Mill" , and chatted with the caretaker and he had recommended this mill to see that it has been recently added to that historical registry. I don't believe we have seen too many RED grist mills ... only a rare few. What about you? Thank you for stopping by today!! Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ;

Spicer's Mill, Orange, VA

Spicer's Mill, Orange, VA We took a day trip during July 2020 and saw this beauty. Just to get out of the house, see some country side and enjoy the day. Are you getting out much? I must say for my "mental health" it has been so important. I enjoy the home we live in but after a while of being there 24/7 ...I need to get out. A bit of "cabin fever" would you not agree? How has life been? Any news??!! Thank you for stopping by. Hope you are well today. Take Care, Beth ( ;