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Creelsboro Arch, Kentucky

 Creelsboro Arch "Creelsboro Natural Bridge near Lake Cumberland is a 300 million year old natural limestone arch over 60 feet high and over 120 feet wide, and is the largest natural bridge east of the Rockies - and the seventy largest natural bridge in the USA." I mean real bridges are gorgeous, man made structures, but NATURAL BRIDGES are just amazing GOD MADE places, (also makes you wonder if there are still many more natural bridges or places that NO ONE HAS yet to find in our great world??!?!?) so pretty, We have found several natural bridges that are just so awesome for photos. I recall going to one with the then boyfriend (now husband) but we got a great shot of him just enjoying the fall scenery. So cool. This was not an easy road to travel to get to this bridge, my hubby loves to joke well I have an F150 with blah, blah, blah on it I can go any where??! MEN, right??! I am picking, but he enjoys getting the truck all muddy, I feel for the truck when we get to the car

Pickwick Mill, Minnesota

"Pickwick Mill  Built 1854 - 1858 Named By Mary Davis In 1857 After Reading Charles Dickens Novel, Pickwick Papers Signed Donated By Worldwide Dicken's Fellowship Open May to Oct Wednesday to Sunday Or By Appointment Call 457 0499 Open Noon To 5 PM" 24813 County Road 7, Winona, Minnesota 55987 I would think that this mill might be one of the tallest mills, not that I have been taking notes (measurements of) or anything it just felt that way, there were so many stairs, four levels, had me so curious to chat with someone ... I wonder? Very cool. Cute to recall, this was like the first or second mill we have been in with the virus going on - wearing a mask - it is not easy to breathe and makes it extra interesting when climbing stairs. My hubby took some really cool shots through the windows in the upper levels, had to share! Was shocked they worked out so well, I had to skip over several I wanted to share of the gears and wheels because they were so fuzzy??! Lighting is alw

McGilvray Seven Bridges Road

 McGilvray Seven Bridges Road "Northwest La Crosse County, Wisconsin, in the Van Loon Wildlife Area. Located on a former vehicular road is a unique combination of five rare bowstring arch truss bridges and one low truss bridge." I am not sure if you are a "BRIDGE" fan, but suddenly my hubby has been locating even more "Steel Super Structure" in our travels, while we are already on that route, why not stop and see a bit more history. These roads and bridges were traveled by many Model T. I remember asking my grandfather "Pop-Pop" and he recalled that kind of vehicle on the road, so cool. I mean us kids, we just don't get it, cars were so more cooler than ...maybe not efficient, better on gas (guess we can drive at night, long trip) or tires or this or that ...but so much more unique then. RIGHT?? Amazing to think about the history, the outfits that folks were wearing, where were they headed, who with, all those sorts of curious questions??! Ma

Merrick State Park, WI

  Merrick State Park Wisconsin The flower shots I had a blast taking, if you know anything about taking kayaking shots it does take some patience and time. Lots of time if you are PATIENT! Still laughing!! But I had such fun and I took gosh, I don't recall how many photos of these blooms is just 2 fun! My hubby will go off in one direction and I usually go another ...found these and just started rowing along ...snapping here and there ...trying to get the best light and seeing this one and that. SO PRETTY!! What a great moment in time. I still think about those blooms. Amazing how so many lakes, rivers and other bodies of water we see on our kayaks are being taken over by these lily pads ...I wonder??! Fun for me to take some shots of. Thanks for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Take Care, Beth ( ; 

Copper Falls Natural Area

  Copper Falls Natural Area, apart of Copper Falls State Park, Wisconsin Amazing how the waters are there, the coloring different from what I am use to seeing in Virginia. It was so loud and fun to watch. Great views. So pretty walking through the forest, enjoying the day. The covered bridge there wow did it smell of creosote, WOW. If you know that smell, it is so strong and reminds me of my Dad's when he had railroad ties that surrounded the garden as a kid. You can no longer buy those guess it is not save. Thanks for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Take Care, Beth ( ;