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Ghost Church

  I normally share a post on Sunday, but this week seems a bit like I need to jump in a bit quicker to share my last ever "InSPIREd Sunday"  church post. ((Sounds like Bill might be keeping the InSPIREd Sunday posts alive?? Waiting to hear from Sally, hope so. Glad to hear it. I know we all will keep ya posted on all those details... so maybe this post is not the last for this "link up" ??!! More INFO to come.)) Please go visit all the others. On 4/4/2021, the hubby and I took a drive in the countryside of Virginia. Some where near or around Little River Road, Craigsville / Swoope area. We do that often, when we have some FREE TIME. This beauty was off in the trees, the hubby and I were trying to do some research, but so far no luck???!! At one time this was probably a gorgeous church, maybe some one knows something I don't? Still beautiful even though it might look forgotten. Good bones at least, don't ya think??! Thank You, for stopping by today. Hope you

Cumberland River Bicentennial Trail, TN

 Cumberland River Bicentennial Trail, we were camping out at Lock A Campground,  1797 Cheatham Dam Road, Ashland City, TN This trail is at the back of that campground, so it was super cool, most folks who have stayed there didn't even know it was there, once you get to riding you might as well get to the end. Some folks were biking like us, other just walking, great for photography ...amazing sights. Birds, fishing, whatever to be had. So we went about 7 miles give or take about 14 miles total. Which is not something we do on the daily, so my muscles were like HELLO the next day!! LOL!! But it was still fun and later on, I realize I had gotten a flat fire, that was like an what in the world did I run over??! Thanks, for stopping by. Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ; 

Wallace Mill

  Photos taken: 4/4/2021, here's a LIFE UPDATE for you my friend, those are always fun. Let's begin ...I am coming to you guys to say that "InSPIREd Sunday" is coming to an end, Sally and I have really enjoy the ride. It was fun while it lasted. If you like to join in and share a church or other religious building for the last few weeks during APRIL (a last HOORAH so to speak!!! Tell one, Tell All, as always we would love to have you and yours.) please do so. We have not traveled in so long, on this Sunday, for a weekend drive we saw the Wallace Mill, of Goshen Virginia (which was such a lucky sighting or time to capture it out of the blue, that happens around here in Virginia, you get to see such wonderful spots.) and a church. I'll share that church on the last official link up weekend which will be on April 24-26. A nice ending to it all. Another chapter, a part of life. Beginnings. Endings. Don't YOU just love them so. I hope that continuing on that each

Story, Indiana

This location has some amazing history, but nowadays, it is just a cute quaint quiet area. What I would call a "ghost town". We would see bumper stickers saying something about "Check Out Story", and you get this idea, really get kind of curious, now my hubby is the one who plans these trips, so he had an idea of what to expect, but I sure didn't ...not much around, and with the virus that hit the world, in Sept 2020, it was so eerily quiet. Maybe with things a bit different maybe the stores might be open?? I heard my hubby say several times I wanna see that or this, but it was behind the glass, oh well to see. It was a lot of peering through windows, taking some great shots while. Thanks, for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ;