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Patrick's Point State Park, California

"Patrick's Point State Park, California" .  I loved this park, I am drooling over the shots now ...trying to decide what to share. This evening was just a perfect time. Back in Sept 2015. It was peaceful and a fun walk around the whole park. Loved the exercise. This was one of the last trips I used my old camera, which is now dead. A sad loss, but I have those to remember it by.  Enjoy this view from that day/evening. Thank you for stopping by. Beth ( :

Newport, Oregon

Let's talk seafood. I love shrimp, eat fish often, not at home but usually if I am out at a restaurant and what not. My hubby was raised on the coast of Virginia, so you would think the man would enjoy seafood. NOPE, not one bit. He will try it but doesn't usually enjoy it like I do. I have tried crab. Never tried lobster or oysters, don't really plan on it either. Had a friend who got scallops & I tried a bit, didn't hate them but I don't think I need them again. We had calamari ("squid". why did I think that was octopus, maybe I have tried that too?) as an appetizer with friends. When trip planning the hubby knew we had to go to "Mo's AMEX" . & they are famous for their "clam chowder". So they hubby was like, I don't like seafood but this is what they are famous for... just saying we got a clam chowder to go and well as a dish while eating our meal. IT WAS DELICIOUS!! you have got to try it!! YUM, yum, Y

Enchanted Forest, Salem, Oregon

"Enchanted Forest", Salem, Oregon . If you recall my post from when we were visiting Canada, we went to a "Enchanted Forest", Revelstoke, British Columbia . They are both so cute. Not sure if they are at all related or maybe some one saw one and took it to the other location and built to be very very similar? Either way they do bring out the kid in us all. If you are ever in the Salem, Oregon area please take the time to take your kids or if you are a big kid like me, drop on by! Beth ( :