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Reddish Knob, West VA.

  Route 25: Reddish Knob Road out of West VA ...will lead you along a road ...that gives you such amazing views in West Virginia ...back into Virginia. You are driving through George Washington National Forest. Just lots of looking back and forth between the left and right side of the car. Look at all that moss ...spring is coming slow to the upper trees of these mountains. We met on the way up some teenage boys (I'm guessing their age, could have been older or younger?!? I do wonder when you make choice, do you think it has to do with your age or do folks who are older they make rash or wild decisions as well?? I am not making judgement or anything either way ...I just mean some choices I made as a kid to go cave exploring ...I might not do it today like I did back in the early days of my life, was I more adventurous or what is different? Are you similar or what??! Curious.) any who ...they were getting ready to skateboard? Curious what they had in mind? Down the roa

Route 21, West VA.

  "Mitchell Mill" Brandywine, West Virginia We were so lucky on the weekend of April 16, 2023, ...we found 3 different mills we were not familiar with ...we love finding new to us MILLS!! If you missed any of them, please catch up.... "Sugar Grove, West VA" and "Red Mill, Palo Alto, VA"  . Just like the 1, I'm calling "Red Mill" this one had a huge wheel ...not saying without the mill you can not have the wheel ...they go hand in hand. But those wheels are awesome to see ...often wonder when the wheel goes missing ..,what happened or where did it WHEEL on off to?? Curious.  Look at those puffy clouds was a gorgeous Sunday. We dropped by an Aldi and picked up some lunch meat, cheese, fancy rolls, honey mustard, some kettle chips ...and a few other fixings for another day ...and kept on driving. We found a stopping spot round about lunch time (that's NOON TIME if anyone is curious?? LOL!!) and made of a sandwich. Good day. Nothing li

Red Mill, Palo Alto, VA

  around about: Palo Alto, VA - on Sugar Grove Road On the weekend of 4/16/2023 ...we found this gorgeous mill, just happened to look over on the left side of the road and we noticed it ... a beautiful waterfall as well ...such a great spring day ...perfect moment!!! We were headed to West VA, then back into VA for home ...just a day drive. Do you ever take those? Just trying to find something new to you. Fun times!!! Hope you will enjoy it as well. How is life? Good to see ya. Thanks for stopping by. Take Care. Beth ( ; 

Sugar Grove, West VA

  The cute little area of "SUGAR GROVE", West Virginia. We were out for a day drive, nothing totally wild, just enjoying the perfect spring weather.  (picture 4 & 1) Homan Mill: feed mill. Picture one is a bit more far away view, we were parking in the USPS parking lot, but it was so pretty how could we not enjoy it even more, we had to see the view. Sugar Grove is sure a gorgeous area. But finding out information about it is so tough??? The National Security Agency is located in or around it but I wonder if for that reason it is so hush hush?!? I wonder. It is in the National Radio Quiet Zone, 13,000 square miles in West VA and Virginia.  (picture 2) is a church zooming in to see the name is near impossible. I did get the hubby to try on his cell phone, to zoom in ...but it is just not that great for figuring it out ...interesting, don't ya think??! (picture 3) Dr. Bower's House: Built: 1898 2 1/2 story Queen Anne style frame,  1985 became listed on the Na