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Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum, Iowa

Laura Ingalls Wilder Park & Museum 3603 236th Ave. Burr Oak, Iowa 52101 (563) 735-5916
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Were you a Laura Ingalls fan? I loved those books and the tv show. I think I have seen all episodes? Did you have a favorite one? I couldn't get over the Ma and Pa... I did ask the hubs after we left the place, what was their real names, I know they were not Ma and Pa??! LOL! I didn't realize that her parents really got around ...they moved and moved across are great nation. Trying to make a living and keep their family living well and healthy. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day!!! Beth ( ;

Kayaking N Virginia

Hey There!! Let's catch up... I sure hope you are doing well. I'm doing good. Approaching another birthday ...May is the month for me ... I don't feel as shaky, unsure, unknown, curious, worried, etc. etc... as I did when I hit the big 40 ...but I wonder when age hits ya. I know I am getting older ...I don't feel my age. I am told I don't look my age. & I am clueless to know what a 40 year old acts like? Is there really a way to act at any age? I MEAN REALLY? Does any one really walk around going I know what I am doing. Or is every one just doing the best darn way they know how ...I wish the world and every one in it would feel a bit more comfortable being honest. Why the acting? Feel how you feel and just be. I am clueless and I am totally okay with that. (most of the time, lol!!) Or at least I am sure trying to be okay with it all. LOL!! I fail, and fail constantly but I keep trying & I refuse to NOT KEEP TRYING EACH AND EVERY DAY. I see folks worse off …

Just Milling Around??!

Mill, still looking for the name? NOT having much luck??! Such a beauty, wish we could have seen it in the running years. Enjoyed this visit while in the area, staying at David Crockett State Park, T.N.

Thank you for stopping by today. Hope you did enjoy your visit. Thank you for your comments and friendship. ENJOY YOUR DAY!! Be Well & Be Blessed!! Beth ( :