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Madison Creek Falls, Olympic National Park, Washington

Madison Creek Falls trail, was a gorgeous area of Olympic National Park, in Washington. This national park is so huge.

Check out this vlog of the waterfall. Sherman (the sheep) makes an appearance. We have 2, #49 sheep named after the race car driver Brent Sherman, I am not familiar with him, maybe you know of him, some how the hubby is able to keep the 2 sheep separate, I can not. Something about their ears??! Have a great day!!! Beth ( :

Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park, Washington

This is a location of pure peace. Quiet when we were there. At the beginning of the day. Not to busy, all fun times that day. Check out those clouds. (the 2nd view was out of the visitors center, giving you an even up higher view of these clouds & mtns.)
If you can tell me why this named "Hurricane Ridge", you will make my day. I am clueless. Don't hurricane happen near water? I can understand why it would be called like wild winds ridge, or something like that??! It is super windy there.  so cold too. My nose hairs were even freezing. COLD!!! Beth ( :

Sequim Bay State Park, Washington

For starters, I will never say this state parks name right, all the locals were laughing at the hubby & me for our punctuation.
We did think we saw a seal, floating around but by the time we got there to the water front it had completely disappeared. pooh. The sunset & sunrise here was this state park was just gorgeous. fabulous!! We will be returning to this park for sure. LOVED IT!! Lots of hiking to be done at this park, great exercise.

Please enjoy the vlog from that night into the next AM. Beth ( :

Alder Lake State Park, Washington

Alder Lake State Park, Washington, was a gorgeous state park, low on water. No fires allowed, we have found that camping out is tough when you can not have a campfire. How do you eat folks? We are looking into propane campfires. A persons gotta eat. We don't always want to eat out at restaurants, that gets to darn pricey.

That's a fire behind the campground, across the water. They campground folks didn't think it would burn across the water, but for folks who don't love fire like us, we could not believe they were more nervous about the winds? We would see fire trucks running every where, they would have camps set up for the fire folks to stay in. Those fire fighter folks really do amazing work. We heard tons of tales. It sounds like a lot of this work is done by just the common folks, not all of them real fire fighters. some farmers get to fight their own battles, no help from any one. that's scary to me. where is their state of emergency? WHAT??!! where is their…

Mt. Rainier National Park, Washington

Mount Rainier off the White Pass highway

I know the elevations out west are totally different than in the east where we live in Virginia. But I found there we very many similarities to the views & whatnot. Washington & Oregon do have a lot of likes to Virginia. I could definitely live out there. so gorgeous!!! but there would have to be water. I found the area we did visit of California were so water-less that I longed for my home state terribly. I don't know how folks live out there in those lands??! (those sheep are Shawn & Shelia.)

Do you recall the painter Bob Ross, well, when I see the tree above I think of how he would teach you to paint. Those tree are amazing!! I have so many other photos from this park, it was tough to narrow down the shots. Hope you had a blast viewing them too. Beth ( :

Nez Perce National Historical Park, Idaho

"Nez Perce National Historical Park", Idaho ...normally without the forest fires I am for sure it is a gorgeous national park. Hope we will have a chance to get there again soon when that is the case. I wanted to share views, even with the smoke just so you got the visual of what it was looking like. so so hazy. breathing was tough, all you could smell was smoke. we did stop in the visitor center & even inside there you could smell the smoke. it was crazy wild. 

Forest fires going on out in the west... Washington, Idaho, Oregon (I might be forgetting a few states, but it was wild how the winds would carry the smoke so easily.) ...the hubby & I were so worried that our trip would be ruined. (there always seems to be something, floods in Texas, forest fires, wind storms, mud slides, we are always so worried for the states we go to, it seems so unfair. We have never been to Washington or Oregon, so the trip was set & campground were booked months in advance. I have …

Shoshone Falls, Twin Falls, Idaho

Welcome to "Shoshone Falls", a natural attraction within Twin Falls, Idaho. The day we visited it was pretty empty of folks, a great walk around. Such a gorgeous sunshiny day. I love it when a rainbow shows up for your picture taking time. Such a perfect moment in a photographers' life. Spot on, no??!! I would say it has a very similar look to Niagara Falls. So gorgeous!! Beth ( :

High Falls State Park, Georgia

"High Falls State Park", Georgia , such a rainy trip, I knew I wanted to take a picture or two with all my "Buffalo Rock - Golden Ginger Ale". Yes, there are a total of (8) - 12 packs. I am a lover of this ginger ale. The strange thing is, if you ask the locals of Alabama, where to buy this drink, they look at you, like what the heck is Buffalo Rock?? Buffalo Rock is part of the Pepsi company. Just a heads up Buffalo Rock, if you are looking for a spokesperson, I'm so there, call me, please! ( :

They will be given as gifts this Christmas & they will be enjoyed by little ole me too. I'm in ginger ale heaven. We did a bunch of hiking in this park, it was fun, but so rainy. You can see the flooding going on there above. In the AM when we were leaving, I go to put our lawn chairs into the vehicle to leave & some how... one of the chair legs must have hit one of the packs of ginger ale & one can go spraying all over the place. I quickly grabbed a red…