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Biltmore, Asheville, North Carolina

This was my 2nd trip to the "Biltmore" Estates. Last visit was in November (not sure of the year?, but I was not blogging at the time.) Photos are only allowed outside the home. NEVER INSIDE. Which I was hoping they would allow photos of the Downton Abbey clothing but nope. no go. Not sure how other folks who have shown pics on their blog of the outfits have gotten past those rules???! 
The positive is my Mom & I have lots of great fun memories. We went as an early birthday present for me thanks to my hubby & my parents. So sweet! Mom & I had a fun girls times together. I knew the Downton Abbey clothing would be there until May 25th, 2 days after my birthday... so I wanted to go before they left & my Mom is a super Downton Abbey fan was a must see for the both of us. So so fun!!! 
What I love about this home, you drive into that gatehouse at the top & then suddenly you lose all the traffic, the city sounds & noise drive through the farm …

Skyline Drive, Virginia - free weekend!

"Find Your Park", 4/18 through 4/26, all National Parks had a free weekend. They do this several times throughout the year. Be sure to check with your area National Park or their "website""Shenandoah National Park" is part of the Skyline Drive, in Virginia. 
Virginia has lots of National Parks (& state parks.), I bet your state does 2. We went on 4/19, Sunday, an overcast day, on the cool side & it did rain a bit. Lots of hiking is available. 
"Eddie, #80" one of our Serta Sheep had a real ball. He says 2 hooves up on Shenandoah National Park!!! Beth ( :

more from Twin Lakes State Park, Virginia

"Twin Lakes State Park", Green Bay, Virginia. It was a pretty day on 4/13/2015. One wish though - for more of a breeze. When you are working up a sweat on those waters, you need some extra air. The wind/breeze was not with us that day. Kayaking is a great way to see those waters and get some exercise. Can't wait to get out there again. I love kayaking. Completely forgot to take a video though. Next time I will remember, I hope. There were tons of turtles - all sizes - lined up on logs all over the place. Are turtles good to eat? No clue??! We didn't enjoyed the frog legs we had once. They were a special we had while out traveling, never ever again. Nope not for me, not much style. Elk is good. Bison is good. Alligator was different. Whatever else is weird, I am sure one day the hubby & I will try it once. We are odd like that. What you only live once!!!
What's your favorite sport or activity to do to get some exercise? Beth ( :

Twin Lakes State Park, Green Bay, Virginia

We loved our day trip to "Twin Lakes State Park", Green Bay, Virginia. I have heard of Green Bay, Wisconsin, but never knew we had one in Virginia. Neat, what you can learn in a day. We took our kayaks, drinks, picnic lunch & had a real ball on 4/13/2015. They do have a campground, you see their cabins, 2 lakes. Not sure that I would call them twins? So I am not sure how they came up with the name? Maybe they are fraternal twins? 
Can't wait to go again. Virginia State Parks rock! (more pics of this state park on Monday. See you then!) Beth ( :

Montana AMazing!

Montana AMAZING!! it was a gorgeous day!! The last shot reminds me of picture I saw as a kid in a magazine of what Montana could be like ...It will be forever in my mind. These photos make my heart hurt. Seriously. If heaven is any better I truly don't know what I'll do. I mean, seriously? If you don't find that amazingly beautiful, please head to your doctor now & ask for help. Are those mountains real? Yes, you are not dreaming. Virginia, I love you. West Virginia, I love you 2nd. Canada, you have my heart. But sorry all other states Montana has me. Montana, I need to get there again soon. ASAP!!! Not sure when though. It is only 2,000 some odd miles away. that's a hop, skip & jump away, righty??! I could get there how quickly??!

I am not sure of the names of each of these places ...we left Canada, got to Glacier National Park on the Canadian side, then Glacier National Park on the US side, the Tetons, & on the way back to Virginia .... no clue??! do you…

Bannack State Park, Montana

"Bannack State Park", Montana. We stayed in the campground. No water. Only a pit toilet. So it was a one-nighter campground. I don't do well not taking shower when it is super hot during the day & you are sweating like a crazy person. If it had been hot at night the hubby said it would be cool to take a rinse off in the river there. It was super cold water. The last 2 shots are within the campground. When we made our trip to Montana 2013 this state park was closed due to flooding ...this river was the troublemaker. Hard to believe that just a small river could be so mean??! We made a point in 2014 to finally see this park apparently a lot of the old building were harm during the flooding. Mighty waters they are. Always be ready. Beth ( :

Golden Covered Bridge, British Columbia, Canada

So the hubby knew of this covered bridge "Golden", ...we were trying to get close, up & down several roads. But this was not to be. Some kids were getting off of the school bus was a busy back road ...but we found the bridge ...not a close up view but so pretty all the same. The is a covered pedestrian bridge, which goes over the Kicking Horse River. 46 meters long. Built in 2001 by the community out of 72,000 board feet of Douglas-fir timber.  Beth ( :

Enchanted Forest, Revelstoke, BC, Canada

"Enchanted Forest", Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada. Such a fun place for both young and old. We loved our visit. Who doesn't want to feel like a kid again? 

Speak No Evil Hear No Evil See No Evil

Hey Diddle Diddle! The Cat and the fiddle, The Cow jumped over the moon, (the cow was my fave part!!) The little dog laughed to see such sport, And the dish ran away with the spoon. 

What I really loved most about the Enchanted Forest you get so much exercise just walking about having fun. The views are fun too! ( :

You get to see Canadian chipmunk!! 

This is where you got life preserves & jumped into their paddle boats. You don't go too far but it is fun all the same. ( :

There are these cute houses all over the forest, all different & yes you can get into them. They are perfect for the little ones. For me I had to get down on my knees & squeeze through. So cute!! Even the hubby who is 6'2 bend over to look in & a few he squeezed through. It was to…

Margaret Falls, Canada

Margaret Falls, is a great hike. Even handicap accessible. How do I know that? Well, I was super happy to see a lady in her wheel chair able to see this view. I always worry that everyone is not always able to get to super great views due to the accessible. Sometimes it is all rocky & not passing. There was even a man working on the pathway, due some rotting wood they do keep it walk-able.  

Check out this video. Beth ( :