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Gene Goodwin Park, Gays, Illinois

Gene Goodwin Park, Gays, Illinois Two-Story Outhouse sign says: "Thanks for visiting The World Renown Historical Two Story Outhouse Outhouses are original pieces of history. They are disappearing with no proof that they ever existed. Outhouses were once an important part of everyday life, and their historic contribution should be recorded for prosperity. The outhouse is a fast disappearing piece of architecture. The young people hardly know anything about these little structures and have no understanding of the lifestyle that went with them. Preserving history is our goal" From the pictures included here (they are glaring, too much sun that day these were taken, chatting with a few locals and several of our camping friends as well) ...this was a 2 story home ...separate families on each level ...holes are not over each other, just a path or place to walk out over each other to use the restroom, so it is officially a 2 story outhouse ... for your information or a better explan

Round Barn, Illinois

We were staying at Lake Shelbyville, Illinois ...a camping friend told us of a local ROUND barn ...the man apparently just started building it ...she was hoping we would see him and get the whole story??! No luck, no one was around, What do you think the story is? I guess some folks just like to build things? Buildings, cars, houses? ...WHAT a gorgeous view. Hope you are well this week. Take Care. Thank you for your visit. Beth ( ;

Yanceyville Mill, Virginia

Hey friends. Wow, I am sharing this several weeks after we went for a drive, and I have sadly run out of posts, so I thought I would share this event with ya, staying at home 24/7 is nuts hubby is working from home. Amazing how noises that might have been annoying in the past, are now just comforting to hear something, anything ...just to know there is someone else out there??! Dog, people, any one beside you and your hubby, who are the only folks you are seeing on the daily??! So we had gotten in a somewhat normal (if you can call it normal, what is normal, anyways?) routine, working from home, sleeping, eating, trying to get some entertainment other than the silly news, we have been watching Northern Exposure, been meaning to watch that series, it was high time to do so ... we wanted to see something new/different, other than those four walls (you know, your house walls, LOL!!) so we jumped into Luigi (my Fiat 500) and took a drive in the country. Saw this beauty, Yanceyville M