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Ryan Round Barn

 Ryan Round Barn, Illinois  "The Ryan Round Barn is nestled in the side of a knoll in Johnson Sauk Trail State Park. Dr. Lawrence Ryan, a renowned brain surgeon, built the barn in the early 1900s for his Black Angus cattle. This utilitarian structure included a central silo, granaries and a waste disposal system." What a beauty, don't ya think? So gorgeous. I love that they included it in the state park there in Kewanee, such a plus ...a great picnic spot, perfect day, restrooms are there just in case. So COOL!! Thank you for stopping by. Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ;

Herbert Hoover's Birthplace

 "Herbert Hoover Birthplace - Downey and Penn Streets, West Branch, Iowa, mining engineer, humanitarian, statesman, and 31st President of US, born August 10, 1874 in a simple two-room cottage in West Branch, Iowa. His Quaker family had helped settle the town, and their principles of honesty, hard work, simplicity, and generosity guided Hoover throughout his life of service to the nation and the world." I have always loved learning about different US Presidents. Didn't know much about HH, but I did learn a bit more than before after this visit. It was a great walking community, we did notice a local man ...not sure what caught my attention, but he walked into a local restaurant and that is where we got take out from. I know a lot of folks have not been traveling Sept 2020, I think that is when this trip was, the hubby would wear his mask, get take out and we would usually go find a park, parking lot with a great view and get to eating. It works, not ideal but you do

Iowa 80 Trucking Musuem

Iowa 80 Trucking Museum, 505 Sterling Drive, Walcott, Iowa 52773 "The Iowa 80 Trucking Museum was a dream of Iowa 80 Truckstop founder, Bill Moon. Bill had a passion for collecting antique trucks and other trucking memorabilia. We are pleased to be able to share this collection with the general public. Every truck has a story to tell and can provide a unique glimpse back in time. Many rare and one-of-a-kind trucks are on display. View short films about trucking history in REO theater; a great way to learn even more about the trucks of yesteryear... " We were so amazed by this museum, shocked that you see this "truck stop", and if you have see truck stops in the past, you have NOT see one like this, so wild!!! It's huge, you go in on the car parking section. Walk across a path and go into the museum, but this path crossed by HUGE 18 wheelers over and over ...we were so pleasantly surprised that a trucker gave us a chance to

Pioneer Village Walnut Grove, Iowa

The Dan Nagle Walnut Grove Pioneer Village  is an open-air museum  located at the north edge of Scott County Park. This is a very mysterious park to me, connected to a camping area, we drove through that, just in case we might wish to ever stay there in the future, and we were looking for this parking area to see this village, you go down a gravel path, make sure to have your footing, because on sudden fall and you would be rolling down like a silly person, be sure to put on the brakes, almost like you are coming in the back way and there is suddenly all these building just set on a grass area. There was a man mowing the lawn, but we never saw any one to chat with. So we just took a look into all the open businesses. Lots of amazing artifacts there to see. I would think for any one it would be fun to see where we have been and where we are now, wonder if kids would know all of these tools and whatnot??!?!? Thank you stopping by today. Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ;