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  on Variety Mill Road, Norwood, Virginia  Wow, the internet is not much help on this beauty, "Society For The Preservation of Old Mills" :  (if you wish to see the website for yourself, just being plain curious and whatnot??!) ...we even checked that website out, but no luck??! I am always amazed that mills are not taken care of, unless like a community has taken up a point to keep them going and whatnot??!! Makes me wonder why folks don't realize the importance of keeping things old or unique. Why are folks so ready to let go of the past and move on when a lot of what is "old (antique)" is made so much more great (i know my English is lacking there, but it is like why is it the saying is "if it ain't broke, why fix it??!") i mean i get that new technology is great for some purposes, yes, but not always. Makes you think?!?!? I think a lot of folks are amazed that we go out of our way to see these historical sights. Some might think,

Rapidan, Virginia

  photo 1: Rapidan Trading Post, Circa 1898. 6,000 square feet. photo 2: Rapidan Post Office photo 3: Rapidan Mill If you are ever in Rapidan, Virginia you really need to see the area, so many historical spots. Gorgeous area. So quaint and amazing. Taken early March 2022, on a day trip ...such a fun day. SO FUN. Thank you for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ; 

Calvert Mill, Virginia

 Calvert Mill (Washington Mill, "Old Mill")  Rush River, Route 211 / Route 522 Washington, Virginia "...water powered grinding mill; water source is the Rush River. name comes from George Calvert, Jr. a local landowner, owned from 1779 to 1800. additions made in 1840 and 1860. bought in 1979 by Peter Kramer, who planned to restore, as of 2008, stood unused and disrepair..." Taken during a day road trip in early March 2022. So, love those day road trips, just to get out, stretch one's legs and enjoy the Virginia scenery. What FUN!! We have a lot of times in Virginia where the weather is so back and forth temperature wise, it is quite odd, and you never know what to wear???!!!! So, you never put anything away. LOL!! This was a day where we had the windows in the truck down and enjoying the breeze. We had missed this beauty over and over; thankful the leaves were gone. Such an eye catcher, don't ya think??!?  Thank you for stopping by today. Hope you are well.

Flannagan Mill

  Flannagan Mill historical marker JE35: "Lee's stopping place here at Flannagan's (Trice's Mill) Robert E. Lee spent the night April 13th -14th, 1865 on his journey from Appomattox to Richmond" Also known as, "Trice's Mill". We did try to get more information on this mill but searching didn't give us much ...we follow several sites with many of the historical mills in Virginia ...but there are not many details. So frustrating. We love learning as much as we can, it feels so fun, entertaining and fun cool. We took this beauty in on the same day in February 2022, when we saw the "Tamworth Mill"  (if you missed that post, please be sure to play catch up on that one.). At this mill they did ground "corn".  This mill is probably one of the saddest looking we have seen. I am thinking there are a lot of them in the USA that are not well cared for, but this is so heartbreaking to see it in such disrepair. The hubby thought it was so