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Julien Dubuque Tower

Julien Dubuque Miner of Vines of Spain Founder of Our City Died March 24, 1810 "Julien Dubuque was a French Canadian of Norman origins from the area of Champlain, Quebec who arrived near what now is known as Dubuque, Iowa, which was named after him. He was one of the first European men to settle in the area. He initially received permission from the Meskwaki Indian tribe to mine the lead in 1788, which was confirmed by the Spanish, who gave him a land grant in 1796." Such a gorgeous area, Dubuque, Iowa, I am curious why the did pick this space for his final resting spot???? and I pray he did have a chance to enjoy this view, because I sure did. You could see for miles, not familiar with the area, but I am curious what all you were seeing? It is just breathtaking, a bit of coloring there. I think that was Sept 2020, we were in that area of the US. Fun walk, and just enjoy the breeze and day. Thank you for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ;

Sculpture Trails Outdoor Museum

 Sculpture Trails Outdoor Museum, Solsburry, Indiana What is ART? What does that mean to you personally? Ever thought about it. I have apparently a totally different thought about it, since in was in high school ...never agreed with my art teacher. She never enjoyed mine, whether she didn't think I got the point of her lesson or what? But I don't believe that ART can be taught do what you feel, it is an inner thing, how you feel, see it, and then wham it comes out in whatever form you wanna too ... paint, craving, brushes, ink, tattoos, whatever, you can express yourself in many ways ... I really enjoyed seeing these but I must admit I was curious on the back story on many of them ...why did you do this or that? Makes me even more curious-er??! Thanks for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Take Care, Beth ( ; 

Brown County - Bridge #36

  Brown County - Bridge #36 - Bond Cemetery Road of Green Valley Road We were staying at Brown County State Park and trucked on over to this gorgeous bridge, it is closed of course, but so pretty to take some pics of, not much parking so don't take too huge of a vehicle there. LOL!! So fallish. Sept 2020 we were there checking it out. Thanks, for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ; 

Lyndon Bridge, Illinois

 Lyndon, Bridge, Lyndon, Illinois This bridge was very shaky, made you wonder how sturdy it truly is or was??! Great for pictures. A sweet area, a park included, where you can picnic and enjoy the day. I really appreciate how they have taken old structures like this and repurposed them to keep feeling important and not let them just dying away, hope they will keep it up, in good condition. Thank you for your visit today, Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ; 

Anamosa Bridge

  Walwort Avenue Bridge over Wapsipinicon River, Anamosa, Iowa  Built 1887 We have been trying to figure out what the bridge's name is, because when we zoom into the name above there it is too tiny to read ...thinking it is the "Anamosa Bridge"? Love the fancy-ness going on, way cool. Neat area of Iowa. We got several waves from some construction folks. Friendly people around there. Thank you for stopping by. Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ;