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Pikes Peak State Park, Iowa

Pikes Peak State Park Physical Address: 32264 Pikes Peak Road McGregor, IA 52157-8558 563-873-2341 Hey there!! Pikes Peak State Park, was our home for like 4 days, during early May 2019 ...we got to travel around there and come back for the evening rest and relaxation time. Not too far from Wisconsin (where we did grab lunch or our morning coffee run to McDonald's in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. yum!! Love their coffee.) It was fun seeing old camping friends and getting to know new ones as well. This was taken at a scenic area right in the state park ...right across from the campground. Not a far walk or hike at all. We got to have a fire in their pavilion several nights. Wowza is Iowa cold. Well it sure was when we were there, rainy too. But we did our best and we enjoyed it all. So fun!! I hope I am not mixing up my town names, but with all the recent rain and such (flooding) Davenport their levees (I think I have the right word there, I tried to google i

Casey, Illinois

Casey, Illinois 1. World's Largest Rocking Chair 2. World's Largest Wind Chime 3. Library Book Worm 4. World's Largest Mailbox 5. Minion We were hoping to find food, gas and enjoy some sights while taking the Casey, Illinois exit. We got gasoline and found these cool sights... No food that we were hoping for ...but a library WORM. book worm. so cool, I took it for my Mom who was a middle school librarian. SO FUN!! I always wonder how folks decide things are "World's Largest... blah. blah. blah." are there rules about that or what? SO CURIOUS??! Now there were plenty of other World's Largest items we did go in search for ...but if you are in the Casey, Illinois be sure to check them out, a cool area of the world to see. Have a great day. Thanks for stopping by. Take Care. Beth ( ; 

Bily Clocks Museum Churches

hey there, Linking these churches up to "InSPIREd Sunday" . Check it out. ( ; I had to share these 2 churches from the Bily Clocks Museum in Spillville, Iowa. If you did miss my 2 other blog posts about the museum, please do go catch up:  1. The Bily Clocks Museum, Spillville, Iowa 2. Close Up's From Bily Clock Museum These 2 brothers really were amazing, such talents. Some parts move, dance, sing, have music. If you are ever in Iowa, you should totally stop by. What a great visit we did have. Thank you for stopping by. Have a great day!! Take Care. Beth ( ;

Close Up's from the Bily Clock Museum

more from the Bily Clock Museum, did you miss my first blog post "see here" . Just look that that work, can you believe that is real, it is just mind numbing to me. 2nd picture is my fave of all these clocks, i love transportation and found it really cool all those details. 3rd picture is the clock Henry Ford want to pay 1 million dollars (this would have been in the 30's, depression era ... amazing that folks even had a million dollars way back then) to have in his museum. & did u know the Smithsonian Museum has asked to have these clocks in their museum, but the Bily Bros. always wanted their works of art to stay in Spillville, Iowa. I sure hope folks will go there to see them, so amazing. Some parts move, dance, sing, have music. We had a camping friend named "Iowa Dave" and he recommended us to go. So fun!! I really enjoyed it. Have a great day. Thank you for stopping by. Take Care, Beth ( ;

The Bily Clocks Museum, Spillville, Iowa

The Bily Clocks Museum 323 S. Main Street Spillville, IA. 52168 (563)562-3569 The top picture is of Spillville, Iowa way back when. Cool to see what towns looked like back in the day. 2nd shot is the The Bily Brothers, they were amazing, such genius!!! My grandfather Pop-Pop made several grandfather clocks and other wooden (hand craved items) items throughout his lifetime, so I know the love, time, energy it takes to be handy like this... I'll admit it brought me to tears and I was pretty much speechless. How do explain art is really something you just have to feel, I never understood that in art class is art, if you feel it is art. You know??! I understand sort of why they men didn't want to sell their work, but can you imagine what their work would have sold for is just priceless!!! Some parts move, dance, sing, have music. I will be sharing more next 2 weeks, please be sure to check in for that. I got several close-up's. Th