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Three Mile Island, PA

  Three Mile Island, PA (photo 3) Chickies Rock (1, 2 and photo 4, where we had lunch) "...accident was a partial nuclear meltdown of the Unit 2 reactor of the Three Mile Island Nuclear Generating Station on the Susquehanna River in Londonderry Township, near the capital city of Harrisburg, PA, March 28, 1979" The first few shots are where we had lunch, if you know about PA they have lots of Sheetz, we think they were started in PA??!?! So we had seen a rabbit, so one you might see in a persons' home and it was in the shrubs around the parking lot, we were hoping that when we did come back to our truck after our lunch with a view, we would find it again and take it to a shelter, wondering why he was there in the first place? So odd??! You could see way in the distance the island where this accident did occur. Point Rock Tunnel, Lancaster County River Trail, PA NW Lancaster County River Trail, Columbia, PA 17512 "you will see relics of the historic PA Mainline Canal t

Bridge of Flowers

  Bridge of Flowers, Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts "The bridge with its graceful arches was constructed in 1908 for trolleys to convey raw materials from the railroad yard in Buckland across the Deerfield River to the factories in nearby hill towns. As a concrete structure, it could bear heavy loads better than the iron bridge that it parallels. With the advent of motorized vehicles, however by 1927 the trolley bridge became obsolete and the trolley company went out of business. Tearing down the bridge would have been prohibitively expensive. What's more, it carried the pipe that furnishes water to the town of Buckland."  (for more info about the bridge and it's historical life, so interesting!! you will be amazed, I sure was. enjoy!) Just a gorgeous area of Massachusetts. The bridge is closed for maintenance and will reopen in 2025. So that is great that we did make it for this visit i

Pine Creek Rail Trail, PA

  "Pine Creek Rail Trail" , PA "only rail trail in the Appalachian Mtns. of north-central PA ...north of Wellsboro runs through Pine Creek Gorge ends at Jersey Shore ... length: 62 miles" (Be sure to click the link above to go to the visit PA website & plan you trip to this amazing area of PA, must see for sure!!!) Gorgeous fall colors in 2023 ... Pennsylvania is 1 of the greatest states ...1 of my favorites. I've got relatives there, so it has been a state we have visited since I was a young 1. A trail you can easily ride, not to rough and tough, you can walk, bike, or even ride your four legged horse, just being silly there folks, bring your wife, bring your doggies, cats on a leash, maybe an alligator?!? ... Such great views, places to stop and enjoy the views, bring a snack & drink continue onward. Lots of access points ... hope you are well today. Sure glad you did stop in, Take care.  Beth ( ; 

New River Trail, VA

  "For over 30 years the Jackson Ferry Shot Tower manufactured ammunition for a growing nation. It remains as a token of an era long gone, standing as a symbol of America's industrial sovereignty. English Immigrant Thomas Jackson, came to the US through Baltimore to answer a call from Moses Austin, who was hiring experts in the vocation of mining and lead works. Jackson was an industrialist and experienced miner who brought with him the trade secret of "drop shot" a process that was refined by craftsman William Watts of Bristol, England.  The Shot Tower took over five years to build and was completed in 1807. According to research and tax records it was the first factory to mass-produce shot on American soil. The ammunition produced here was for shotguns, particularly "fowling shot", for the local communities. Manufacturing at the tower ceased in 1839 thus ending it's grandeur as a producer of fine shot." Ivanhoe River Bridge New River Trail - Fost