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Helmcken Falls, Canada

Helmcken Falls, this waterfall is amazing. If you wish for measurements, this one is 121 meters (that is a lot of meter sticks?? right??!) & Niagara Falls (are they measuring the US side or the Canadian side?? hey, seriously??!) is 52 meters. Does that mean anything to you math folks?

Of all the waterfalls within this area this one is a must see. If you have just a few moments to spare ...this one beats them all. You can see the steam, fog & mist ...the power is amazing!!! Can you imagine it in the snow? They had pics of it online & on a billboard at the waterfall site, I don't think Canada is some where to be when it snow? But I am not sure??! Listen to that video below. You will be amazed!! Promise!

Check out the video. Must see!! Beth ( :

Dawson Falls, Canada

Sept 2, 2014 ...we had the chance to see all these waterfalls within one day which  we all pretty close to one another in this area of Canada, if you have missed any of my past posts please catch up, you will enjoy them all ...Dawson Falls is a quick hike, well worth it. You can walk more around the rim, but we decided we were catching daylight we better head on to the next waterfall. super gorgeous!!

Check out this video. Beth ( :

Spahats Falls, Canada

Spahats Falls, Canada ... this reminded me of a waterfall you see in the movie "Robin Hood Princes of Thieves" (1991) with Kevin Costner & Morgan Freeman, in a scene where Lady Mary comes to see Robin Hood in the forest & he is taking a shower within the falls. Just a thought. no clue??!

Enjoy this video. You will be amazed!!! Beth ( :

Overlander Falls, Jasper National Park, Canada

Overlander Falls, Jasper National Park, Canada. Yes, we do take our sheep for walks. The love hiking. No we do not take all 9. Usually the hubby will grab one & off we go. How he decides which one, I have no clue??!  

Here is a fun waterfall video. Enjoy!!! Beth ( :

Maligne Canyon, Canada

I always have my notes with me when we got on a trip ...try to jot down a few notes about why we went there or suchness so that when I get home I can recall it all in my memory & write a post for you guys. Well, what did I write about this place? Well, it was a pit stop. When you got to go you gotta go. But so glad we did, because this waterfall is amazing!! Pit stop or NOT, please stop. Maligne Canyon, Canada is breathtaking!! 

Check out this video to hear these amazing falls. Enjoy!! Beth ( :

Jasper National Park 2

Jasper National Park is huge ... enjoy those snow capped mountains!! amazing times and such a gorgeous area!! The 2nd shot is my header shot less the earth globes. ha. ha!!! Enjoy your day! Beth ( :

Duck Donuts, Virginia

Some one got super excited about her visit to "Duck Donuts" & completely forgot her camera ... these are Iphone pics. I would say these are a cake donut. Not sure what the real experts would say?
1. Shredded Coconut with Vanilla Icing, 2. Vanilla Icing, 3. Chocolate Icing, 4. Glazed, 5. Maple Icing, 6. Maple Icing with Bacon, 7. Lemon Icing, 8. Cinnamon Sugar, 9. Orange Icing, 10. Peanut Butter Icing, 11. Strawberry Icing, 12. Powdered Sugar.
It is funny what you learn about your significant other when ordering donuts, the hubby doesn't like powered donuts, I DO!! We didn't get a bare donut, aka a naked donut, no topping in other words??! I love a donut no matter what it is caked in!!! We did try the Maple Icing with Bacon 1st. It was salty & sweet all at the time same time, very confusing to me. Would you try it? Are you hungry yet? Beth ( :

Jasper National Park, Canada

I was going to call this post "speechless in Canada". But I do have to tell you these were taken within Jasper National Park, Canada. We did come to an end of one of SD cards post will be the 2nd one. Our Canada trip was a memorable one ...with lots of photos!! droolable views. No one will ever be able to tell me that Canada is not one of the most beautiful area in the world. I love my home, where I am from ...but I wonder if I will ever been able to not feel a lack in my heart, I miss Canada. Canada GIRL, you blessed me, made me thankful for my being alive and able to see you with my very own eyes. & most important - I'll see you again soon. I hope? fingers crossed??! I hope? God only knows, I guess. I hope??! Beth ( :