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Yew Dell Botanical Gardens, KY

Yew Dell Botanical Gardens 6220 Old Lagrange Road, Crestwood, KY " Yew Dell is an internationally-recognized center of gardening, plants and education, all offered in a stunning site of significant historical importance. Originally the home, gardens and commercial nursery of the late Theodore Klein and his family, Yew Dell now offers the public exceptional display gardens, an ambitious slate of education programs and community events, ongoing garden plant research, woodland trails and event rental opportunities." hi there, friends ...glad you stopped by today!! Hope you are well. Enjoy these views!! Now this garden is not huge but fun when all the blooms are out and about, I'm having issues as to which to share with you all?? just saying, so many giggles!!! I was trying to call when we were there for our visit, early 2019, I believe? Be Well & Be Blessed!! Beth ( ; 

Bernheim Arboretum, KY

Bernheim Arboretum and Research, 2075 Clermont Rd, Clermont, KY "Is a 15,625 acre arboretum, forest, and nature preserve located in Clermont, Kentucky. Bernheim was founded in 1929 by Isaac Wolfe Bernheim, a German immigrant and successful brewer whose whiskey distillery business established the I.W. Harper brand."   (picture 1) Little Nis - "Forest Giants" in a Giant Forest, by: Thomas Dambo (picture 2) Mama Lormari (picture 3) Little Elina HI, thank you so much for stopping by today. Hope you are well and having a super great day!! We have been to this gardens before, pretty close to all the Bourbon Distilleries that so many folks love visiting in/near Bardstown, KY. These giants are new to the garden, had to check them out. SO COOL!! I will say that I always try to take pictures without other people in them 'cause I don't know them ...but this was a time that it was impossible to get a shot without some one jumping int

Knoxville Botanical Garden & Arboretum

Knoxville Botanical Garden and Arboretum2743  Wimpole Avenue, Knoxville, TN (865) 862-8717 The Knoxville Botanical Garden and Arboretum is located on 47 acres of former Howell Nurseries, featuring walking trails, display gardens, unique & historic horticulture and over two miles of distinctive stone walls and timeless buildings, just five minutes from downtown.   Hey there!! This was a FREE adventure, and doesn't keep you busy for too long and I know it would be awesome to see in prime time blooming season!! This would be a perfect location for wedding, anniversary parties, birthday parties, whatever u wanna celebrate in your amazing grateful life ...this location would be so awesome!! I will say that sadly an older lady (while we were there did trip and fell down) so please be sure to wear proper footwear ... no sandals or unsteady heels... wear tennis shoes, or boots. Hope you are well today. Be Well & Be B

Norton Grist Mill, TN

Norton Grist Mill Big Ridge State Park, TN We love seeing mills, it was sad that this was not in operation or in it's original locations but fun to see all the same.  I wish that folks would realize what history these pieces of art have ...covered bridges, mills, parks, whatever ...we need to raise our children and others folks to know that these are precious items. Respect these items, enjoy their beauty & pass them on to the next generation. Thank you for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Take Care!! Be Well & Be Blessed!! Beth ( ;