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Carhenge, Alliance, Nebraska

"Carhenge, Alliance, Nebraska". I fell in love with this pigeon, had to take his/her picture several times, some one has a great view, don't ya think??! Such a fun visit to see this car art. Beth ( :

Lake Minatare State Park, Nebraska

It was a gorgeous state park, we camped out there after our visit to Scotts Bluff National Monument. "Lake Minatare State Park, Nebraska".

Check out this video of the state park. Please enjoy!!! Beth ( :

Carvins Cove Natural Reserve, Roanoke, Virginia

"Carvins Cove Natural Reserve, Roanoke, Virginia". It was a pretty windy day. overcast, a bit of sun, with thundering in the far off-ness. Thankfully it never showed up to rush us off. I feel my muscles aching just thinking about this trip. It was some awesome exercise. We took this trip on Monday June 8th, the hubby's day off. Such fun!! Hope you had a blast going with us. 

Please check out this vlog of the kayakin' trip. Have a great day!!! Beth ( :

Scotts Bluff blooms

Although desert life is totally different from what I am use to ...I must admit the blooms are very unique and oh so lovely. Wouldn't ya agree? Beth ( :

Scotts Bluff National Monument, Nebraska

"Scotts Bluff National Monument, Nebraska". We got to this monument late in the day & had only a few minutes until they would close. We were only in the area for a short time so we quickly grabbed a bottle of water and rushed to check out these views. If you will notice in the last shot, those are Oregon Trail Ruts, still looking like they just happened just yesterday. The larger one is a road. Hope you can read the signage they had. I tried to zoom in for your viewing pleasure. ( :

Check out this vlog from the day. Such a gorgeous area. Beth ( :

Pony Express, Wyoming

Right after leaving "Register Cliff" we saw this plague & had to read it "Pony Express". I did a bit of zooming in but you can not quite get all the wording so let me tell you want it does say: "Pony Express Station 1860 - 1861", "XP Centre Star Trail 1860 - 1861". I have always wonder what it would be like to run for the "Pony Express"? I guess at times very dangerous but think of all the excitement & curious moments too!!! Beth ( :

Register Cliff, Wyoming

"Register Cliff", Wyoming". I hope you can see the signatures, for once what we call today "graffiti" is art & a true masterpiece of all the folks who were traveling the "Oregon Trail". After reading the signs there we found that the black hole in the shot there is where they would keep their items to keep them cool, a fridge of sorts. Beth ( :

Oregon Trail Ruts, Wyoming

It is fun to think of the treks these folks had to take ...that their wagon wheel trails are still there today. A very eerie feeling. A storm was brewing, We high tailed it out there!! Beth ( :

Ayres Natural Bridge Park, Douglas, Wyoming

"Ayres Natural Bridge Park, Douglas, Wyoming". This is a perfect park for a picnic or hike. So so pretty. We took one our sheep with us & were asked by a couple bikers what we were carrying. See there was a sign at the beginning of the park, saying NO DOGS. Guess they thought we were carrying a mini dog around in our arms, nope just a stuffed Serta sheep. it was too funny!! Beth ( :