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Beeson Bridge

  Beeson Bridge, Rockville, Indiana - 1906 "Burr Arch construction by Frankfort Construction Co., crossed Roaring Creek near Marshall. Was moved to Billie Creek Village in 1980." I love it when we find covered bridges that have been rescued and moved to another location, to ensure their life, instead of being torn down or completely forgotten. So amazing. I don't recall which month these shots were taken; I know it was 2021. We had a bunch of rallies over the 2021 year, only 1 trailer rally this year in 2022. We have done shorter trips this year. Have you had a chance to get away at all this year? How do you take time to relax?? Thank you for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Take care. Beth ( ; 

Campbell's Covered Bridge

 Campbell's Covered Bridge, South Carolina "This bridge, built in 1909, is the last extant covered bridge in South Carolina. Built by Charles Irwin (1878-1966), it was named for Alexander Lafayette Campbell (1836-1920), who owned and operated a grist mill here for many years. Measuring 35 feet long and 12 feet wide, it is an excellent example of a four-span Howe truss, featuring diagonal timbers and vertical iron rods." Wow, what a beauty. SO GORGEOUS!! Great fall colors. Taken October 2021. We love finding covered bridges, always so fun. I don't think I've ever seen one I didn't enjoy. Always fun to learn the history. On a sign right there beside this beauty ...had to share with ya. Thank you for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ; 

Chimney Rock

  Chimney Rock State Park, NC Gorgeous area of North Carolina, there in October 2021. Lovely time of the year to be there, crisp cool morning. Just amazing. Breathtaking. I know I took a great shot of the American flag (found it!! Even found a panorama photo, hope you can tell the amount of beauty that was up there, gorgeous area of NC!!) up there on the top, (please do recall that you can always enlarge these photos, by clicking on the 1 you wish to see larger. Just a "heads up" there, SMILES!!) but sadly I cannot find it anywhere, wonder what happened to it??!! I recall sending it to my parents, we always try to stay in touch with them while traveling. You know one of those "epic" photographing moments, nuts!!??!? My legs really hurt after this visit, I wonder how you can make stairs like that for exercising purposes, I mean those work some really good muscles in your legs. LOL!! Thank you for stopping by today, hope you are well.

Lake Lure Flowering Bridge

  Lake Lure Flowering Bridge, North Carolina This would be a fun location to travel to in different seasons, you would find lots of different blooms available to check out, I'm sure on that!! What fun. I think these were taken October 2021, Thinky face?!!??!?! Gorgeous blooms. Such a fun day trip when in the Lake Lure area of North Carolina. Please check it out. Thank you kindly for stopping by, glad to have the visits (comments) I have so so much. It's amazing to see how blogging has changed since I first started that journey. I've gotten rid of so many pages, where I had my beginning story ...I think the blogging started in October??? Could have sworn it was a longer back ago ...but the post I see "November 17, 2014", where I got even more than 1,000 of views, I didn't get tons of comments, but I got the views, that really made me happy. Yes, I would have loved the comments and interactions but just knowing they were there checkin

Days Gone By Museum

  Days Gone By Museum 122 Davis Street Portland, TN It was a busy day when we were visiting, I do believe it was in Sept 2021 after our trip to Tybee Island, Georgia. I love finding big tractors. I've always been a fan of those since I was very young. I recall being on my dad's, my Pop-Pop's (dad's dad. my grandfather) so I was always very comfortable on one. Would love to own as well. Maybe one day, we will, see??! I had plenty more shots of all the antiques, cars, and trucks but it is always hard picking out your most favorites. Hopefully these are great picks. So fun. Enjoy your visit. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great week. Beth ( ;