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Hoh Rainforest, Hall of Mosses trail

This post is in memory of my friend: Tina Forrester aka. "CameraGirl". She and her husband were lost this week in a tragic car accident. Here is her bloggy link if you would like to see her outstanding photography: "East Gwillimbury CameraGirl, Exploring Central Ontario (CANADA) ... and beyond" . We both shared such a love for travel & photography. You will be missed. Rest In Peace, great "CameraGirl", RIP! ( : Where do we even start?, I continued to say to my hubby throughout our trip to Washington, Oregon, northern CA back in August 2015, that I wondered how I could take a picture of the whole tall tree? The trees in in the eastern US are huge, but the trees out west are gigantic, massive, huge!! There are .... THEY ARE! do I even begin to show a picture of these awesome trees? I don't own a fancy camera just a normal point and shoot. How do I express to you the magnitude of how tall these massive trees are? they are huge!!! & will you

Cape Flattery, Makah Tribe, Neah Bay, Washington

You do have to get a pass to travel on these tribal lands. We got ours at the local grocery store. The hike, the views & everything having to do with this area is so worth the price. I will allow you to go back up & drool over those views again. I have so many shots that I could have & would have shared, but you might go Washington overload. Is that possible??! I think not. Please take a listen to this video of our hike & the amazing views. Be sure to turn up the volume to listen to the birds, winds, boats, & waves. So many amazing sounds. Enjoy your day! Beth  ( :

Salt Creek Recreation Area, Washington

This is a great park, lots of walking & even a WWII bunker. I would show you pics of the bunker but they are so dark, the pics just didn't turn out well, so I will show you shots from around the park.  We met some many friendly folks. A couple from Alabama originally who wanted to be sure of all the sights we were going to see & ones we should not miss. A couple from Kentucky who had flown out to see Washington & couldn't not believe we had driven the whole out. "red skies at night sailors delight, red skies in the morn sailors be morn." I am sure you know that saying. I have heard it for years. I did wake up early to check different colors. it's the simple things that will get me out of bed early. so well worth it for sure. ( : Please check out this vlog from the evening, I am still drooling over all these amazing views. Washington you are so so gorgeous. You go girl!!! Show off, I am so watching. Beth ( :

Sol Duc Falls, Olympic National Park, Washington

We left the Lake Crescent Lodge after our lunch (that above is the view from our table, always ask for the best water view!!!) & took a huge long hike to the "Sol Duc Falls". Can you believe it is February? Hello, February. Welcome!!! I was very excited to get to hike there because after the meal we had just had I felt I needed to work off a few pounds. Olive (the sheep) went with us, she is quite the conversation starter. I really found that when touring this park & as well in California when we got to see the Redwood trees, it is so tough to get a shot of these monstrous trees so it can give you the magnitude of how huge they are, they are just so so big. No joke you can be moved to tears, I mean the trees in Virginia are gorgeous, but to think how long it took a tree of this size to grow and live, it just mind blowing to me. AMAZING!!!  Please check out this vlog from the waterfall hike. Beth ( :