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Oakwood Cemetery

  Little Nadine Earles Doll House Grave, Oakwood Cemetery, Lanett, Alabama "Nadine passed away in 1933. All she wanted for Christmas was a doll house, a wish her father was busy working on to fulfill for her. She died on the 18th, one week before the day. Her parents still made sure that her wish was granted..." "For years her parents (Julian & Alma) did the upkeep of house. They did pass away,  Now the city takes care of it." This was just so precious; I never had a doll house and boy did it make me wanna play. Enjoy the quiet times of those days when life was not so serious, laying in the grass looking at the stars and light bugs, wow, good times!!! I love this, so cute ...and I am sure that Nadine has been visiting many times over the years she is not forgotten and so many amazing stories for the ones who have pilgrimage to see her and her gorgeous doll house. We were not the only ones visiting that rainy day, I am recalling a Sunday, but not so sure, trip we

Salem Shotwell

  Salem-Shotwell Covered Bridge 700 Park Road, Opelika, AL "known as the Pea Ridge Covered Bride, is locally owned wooden covered bridge..." bridge was closed in 1994 due to high water and erosion from various storms,  which took a toll on the bridge supports. During it's time over Wacoochee Creek, it has been said to be haunted by children who were killed in a motor vehicle accident near the bridge... there was a girl who was strangled on the bridge. But locals are not sure that either did really happen??! in Lee County, alternative names for this stream are: "Hollynocky Creek & Woc-coo-che Creek" ... Had it not been raining it would have been a perfect park to enjoy the day within. So many unique names in Alabama. Maybe a children's birthday party or get some of that excess energy out. We were stopping by for the restrooms, as well as viewing the covered bridge. So awesome!!! We were not the only ones visiting though, I truly appreciate town that make


  "settled in 1830's. growth seen in 1870's. Waverly, AL first appeared on maps in 1853.  Nickname for the area "Pea Ridge" but this was never an official name." This was a rainy-day trip, I do believe it was a Sunday, do to the no folks around, they roll up the streets as they say, looking around, yet again a quaint, small-town feel, are you like me and dream of living in a small town, where everyone knows your name? Or are you one who prefers something so different???! We love seeing architecture, so fun!!! I couldn't get over how kind folks are in Alabama, I didn't witness any tailgating, or any rude road behave in these small towns, folks were so kind, giving you the road, being more laid back and not rushing, allowing you into traffic, allowed you through to get into line, just really patient ...I see they have an ... ...   "Annual BBQ festival in October, on the second Saturday every year since the 1990's.  They have pork and ch

Providence Canyon

 Providence Canyon State Park 8930 Canyon Road, Lumpkin, GA 31815 1,003 acre state park located in Stewart County, southwest, GA. This really reminds me of Bryce Canyon National Park, which is in southern western Utah. I think land formations are so cool, it is just wild what the earth is made up of ... awesome!!! I am curious why the folks who are recommending you travel to Providence Canyon say it  "Georgia's Little Grand Canyon" ...I guess I can see what they are saying but I say it is still leaning more towards Bryce than the Grand Canyon we have been so super lucky to see both of those. When we were driving into this park there was what I would guess was a rattlesnake (I was not close enough, couldn't hear his rattle or all that, it didn't look like a garter snake) on the road, now my hubby missed him, but he was up on the back of his tail, hiss at us, spitting and then here can a tractor trailer behind us going well over 60ish, 'cause that was the speed

Clayton, Alabama

  "Octagon House" - Petty Roberts Beatty House, 103 N. Midway, Clayton, Alabama.  The structure was 1 of the 2 antebellum octagonal houses built in Alabama and is the only 1 to survive. (5 photos) - Clayton Dime Store Restaurant 10 Eufaula Avenue, Clayton, AL 334-775-8300 Clayton, AL is a fun, quiet, quaint, slow paced, area of Alabama ... we really did find a lot of smaller towns to check out on this recent trip in late April 2023, we got around a bit of South Carolina, Georgia and Alabama which we had 1 week to explore. We asked the locals, I would so recommend that to anyone who is looking for great finds (be it for food, shopping, off the wall locations, get a list going, you never know what they might suggest!!!) in all travel locations, great tip there!!! They did suggest this fun restaurant. I preferred the bologna sandwich (makes me think of my childhood, the good ole' days. My parents would fry me up a piece for a sandwich, it was simple but so so so good. This w