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Lincoln Knob Creek Farm, KY

Lincoln Knob Creek Farm 7120 Bardstown Road, Hodgenville, KY (502) 549-3741 "Abrahm Lincoln, (1809-1865) Lived on this 228 acre farm, 1811-1816. He wrote in 1860 "My earliest recollection is of this Knob Creek Place". A young brother was born here." Hey There, doesn't it just give ya chills to think that Abe Lincoln would walk these fields, enjoying that view. So cool!! Very exciting day ... if you missed the first 2 posts please check them out: "post 1" , "post 2" . Thank you for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Be Well & Be Blessed!! Beth ( ;

Abraham Lincoln Birthplace, KY

Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park, KY 2995 Lincoln Farm Road, Hodgenville, KY (270) 358-3137 "I happen, temporarily, to occupy the White House. I am a living witness that any of your children may come here as my father' child has." -A. Lincoln Hey there!! It was a Lincoln kind of day ...the Lincoln tour continues, if you did miss the "1st post from that day" in June 2019, please catch up! I did take several pics of his log cabin, but it was so dark inside the building that those pics didn't turn out well at all, kind of blurry and didn't give the details much respect??! I have always been a fan of log cabins, what about you? They seem so rustic and cool. Very unique! Thank you for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Be Well & Be Blessed. Beth ( ;

Lincoln Museum, Hodgenville, Kentucky

The Lincoln Museum 66 Lincoln Square Hodgenville, KY 42748 (270)358-3163 Hey there, thank you stopping by today!! I am such a fan of President Abraham Lincoln. He was truly one of my favorite Presidents to learn about in school. I guess partly due to his extreme height and how cool he looked. I just loved studying about him and all his historical moments. Always a fan of hearing and seeing artifacts about him. Who is your favorite President? Or maybe you might wanna say who you loved learning about when you were a child? There were a few maybe like two paintings, of Lincoln making him look very sad, rough and weak?!! I always imagined Mr. Lincoln to be a man of such strength, courage and honor. He would never show weakness ...I know he went through some rough moments ...but he had such character. It is just tough to take a picture of a picture ... I went throughout the museum looking of paintings or other keepsak

Cecil's Mill Historic District, Maryland

Cecil's Country Store - Cecil's Old Mill (1810) - Maryland 20853 Indian Bridge Road California, MD. 20619 (301) 994-9622 Cecil's Mill Historic District "The original water-powered textile mill 'Clifton Factory', built in 1812, was rebuilt as a flour mill in 1900 by John Thomas Cecil. Historic district also includes Cecil's Country Store and Post Office built in 1906." see more here: Hey there, thank you for stopping by today. The hubby and I are having a war of we have been there, done that ...but he swears we have not kind of discussion??! I know this mill and general store, the minute we pulled into the parking area, I was like deja vu moment, started trying to recall when we were there and what we saw, etc. I am going to do some more research, I gotta figure it out, 'cause I am drawing a blank?? ...know we have been there done that for sure!!!

Glory Days Antiques, MD

Glory Days Antiques 12005 Crain Hwy, Newburg, MD. 20644 (301)259-4500 I will say I am not really an antique lover ...the hubby is. I can appreciate it, the history ..the look, the old and wanting to enjoy it in your home. But is not like I say to the hubby lets go antiquing... nope, that is so not my style. We do find ourselves looking at them though quite often, The hubs really felt the prices of all these goodies were very reasonable. So I hope you will get a chance to check them out if you are in their area, ENJOY!! Are you an antique lover or what? Thank you for stopping by. Hope you are well. Take Care, Beth ( ;