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Chittenango Falls

 Chittenango Falls State Park, Cazenovia, New York 167-foot waterfall, Madison County, cascades over 400-million-year-old bedrock. on a sign seen within the park: "The Chittenango ovate amber snail, discovered here in 1905, is found nowhere else on earth. Trampling by park users, unaware of it existence, was a major factor affecting the snail's survival. Access into the snail's habitat is now very restricted, but it is uncertain whether this species will survive or fade into extinction." ...1842, a paper mill, 2 sawmills, a woolen factory, and a sash factory were located at the falls. ... Violet #60 really enjoyed her visit to this state park with us, we always take traveling sheep with us on each and every journey. So fun to pick a few to go with us. This time it was 3 ladies: Val, Cilantro and Violet. Just a gorgeous area, perfect sunny kind of day. I lovely hiking state park, so fun to check it out. Now we didn't go the through the whole park, but it was so fun

Salmon River Falls

  Salmon River Falls Unique Area, New York 110-foot waterfall on the Salmon River in Oswego County. Sometimes when we travel you just go there not knowing the whole story, the history, every last single detail... I find it so awesome to find out even more when you do the research for a blog post that I get to share with you my bloggy friends ... SO COOL!!! If you are not in the know about New York state, you really should get with the program. There is so much more to the state than the big apple ...the state is huge and so amazing. Like West Virginia "Wild and Wonderful", searching for New York's motto: "Ever upward." Did you realize that "ice climbing" is a thing? I sure didn't. have I been living under a rock? Have you??!! Maybe you are more familiar with this sport than I am?? "... involves ascending routes that consist only of a frozen water. To ascend the route, the ice climber uses specialist equipment, particularly double ice axes and

The Birkett Mills

The Birkett Mills "Fancy Quality Buckwheat and Wheat Products" (this quote is on the side of the building) 163 Main Street, Penn Yan, NY 315-536-3311 "Finger Lakes region for New York since 1797. It's one of the largest buckwheat manufacturers in the world, and also is a New York Grown & Certified soft red wheat flour manufacturer... " "locally-owned small business, just under 50 employees. " "In 1823, the mill in Penn Yan, NY burned down; today's mill has been in use since 1824." "On September 27, 1987, the company made history by setting a Guinness Book of World Record for the largest pancake ever made at the Annual Buckwheat Harvest Festival ..." Hey there, we are always looking for local mills when in whichever state we might be visiting. What makes it way cool is that it is still in working condition and folks are able to support a "local small business" ...they do have a website a

Antique Boat Museum

 Antique Boat Museum, 750 Mary Street, Clayton, NY (315) 686-4104 "... preserves, interprets and celebrates boats and related artifacts to advance public understanding of the importance of boating to the cultural history of North America and the St. Lawrence River..." "displays the largest collection of antique and classic boats in North America" "From humble beginnings as a riverside gathering of antique boat enthusiasts ... " The hubby has heard of this museum from multiple boat friends, and we just had to check it out. I am so glad we did!!! This museum was a great "rainy day trip", as a traveler you need to have a "rainy day plan". Camelot is great, but it's not realistic ...we all wish for rain only at night, wouldn't that be great??! ...camping and rain sadly they happen together quite often. Don't sugar coat it, as they said, it is something that happens, and we have to adjust to life's challe

Selkirk Shores

  Selkirk Shores State Park, Pulaski, NY ... 980-acre  state park located in the Town of Richland in Oswego County.  On the eastern shore of Lake Ontario... We were there camping for 5 days in late May 2023 ...New York state is not too far away from Virginia ...but I sure wish that we didn't have to travel interstate 81 ...we came home using route 15 which is better but still busy. Don't ya wish that all states had back roads wherever you needed to go??! Wouldn't that be awesome?? I think so. LOL!! We tend to find a campground and then branch out from there ...meaning it is our "home base" but then head out some of the trips that week were 2 hours away ...but it works out and always fun when you find a good spot. I don't mean to be TMI ...but walking at night to the bathroom is no fun, be thankful you have indoor plumbing. I know I am grateful at home for that useful service. We got see many blooms that we don't see in our area of Virginia or maybe I shoul