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Unknown Bloom? Just Kayakin' . . .

I am not sure what kind of blooms these are but it is fun to try and get close to them and get some shots! Enjoy! I had to laugh at the struggle to steady myself, but it is like a new talent that I love trying to work on each time??! So fun. Did I tell you about an author who loves to read while kayaking? I don't think I am ready to give up my camera for reading??! Maybe one day, for now I am happy with my camera times!!! More water views while kayaking at Golden Beach Campground, New York, have a great day. i appreciate your comments. see ya again real soon. Beth ( ;

Find That Sailboat?!!

Golden Beach Campground, New York. Since a young girl I remember watching sailboats and taking pics of them. They are just too cool. Found this beauty when staying at the campground for the evening, we stayed 2 nights. It is fun to locate it in each picture? The last shot there was while we were kayaking, I had to zoom in a bit and steady the kayak to take the shot ...but I found the sailboat again!! SCORE! have a great day. i appreciate your comments. see ya again real soon. Beth ( ;

Adirondack Experience Museum, NY

Adirondack Experience - The Museum on Blue Mountain Lake, Blue Mountain Lake, NY, 12812. (518)352-7311,
Do you ever go to a museum and you just don't have the time to put into it that you need? I was so frustrated, such a sad face over that one. I am trying to recall over my lifetime (40 years now, several days there) that I have had to turn around and leave because we don't have enough time to cover the place??! It doesn't happen that often that I know of??! (this is totally why kids roll on the floor and have a tantrum, i get it!! you are visiting and you want to fit all this stuff, these activities into your visit and there is never enough time!! I could cry now, I so wanted to go. I wanna see this area in the snow time. wouldn't that be awesome!! so cool!) They recommend at least 2 hours to see everything at this one. So we given permission to go to their "The Lake View Cafe" to have some pie and drinks. At least we got to enjoy …

Great Camp Sagamore, NY

Great Camp Sagamore, 1105 Sagamore Rd, Raquette Lake, NY. 13436. "Built in 1897 by visionary great camps designer William West Durant on 1,526 acres of remote wilderness in the Adirondack Park, Great Camp Sagamore was a wilderness retreat for the Vanderbilt family for half a century.  It is now a National Historic Landmark managed by a non-profit educational institution as a public trust."

It is amazing the history, the architecture that is around this park. So amazing. I really enjoyed our visit there!!! I think my most favorite area or section would be the bowling alley, can you imagine having your very own bowling alley? Took think of how many years it has been around and still looks in pretty good condition compared to other areas or buildings, so wild!! Now they do have side that sort of hang over to keep the snow from falling into the bowling alley there, but that just blows my mind to think of the horrible Adirondack winters, just totally…