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Ricketts Glen State Park, Pennsylvania

If you know anything about my hubby I would be that wherever we go we ALWAYS, always get a water front campsite. If you don't have water, a water view, it will be a mountain view, some kind of view that is ultra great view to him. Well, he booked this campsite at "Ricketts Glen State Park, PA" on the thought that there would be water. WHERE IS THE WATER? Guess what Ricketts Glen was doing well we had our over night visit? They waited just when we were there to work on their old dam. lucky us? huh? yep. boo hoo. sad face. ; ( maybe when you make your visit there the water will be back. maybe??! Do you love a water view too? Check out the video below. Not sure what the hubby was saying, I do try to tell him I am taping but sometimes he is too quick to pass on the message. Beth ( ;

Pioneer Tunnel, Ashland, Pennsylvania

Meet Bill, I rather fell in love with Mr. Bill. See his name tag? I thought he was super cool. We kind of match, why didn't I wear my black shirt too? We could have been twins. I just need a miners hat. Visiting the "Pioneer Tunnel Coal Mine & Steam Train", Ashland, Pennsylvania was so fun. I love trains. Anything trains. Coal trains are the best-est. So we know President Obama as entertained the Pope & many other famous important folk in the world ...but has he ever visited a coal mine? Got to see the men who works these mines? The men, & I am guessing that women do the work too? But these folks are such hard workers & make me super proud to stay warm each & every year. Beth ( :

Lake Moomaw, Convington, Virginia

We took in "Lake Moomaw", Covington, Virginia for our 2nd night of our long weekend on Monday 8/3/ 2015. Such a great area. Lots of fisherman. We kayaked the lake ...not all of it but a great deal. My arms were working overtime. Loved it!!! These waters were so calm. I don't think I have ever seen a more steady group of waters. Now when there was lots of boats in these waters it was a different story. But when we went out after dinner it was super calm & very quiet. I think we timed it perfectly. Guess everyone was eating or just enjoying the view. The last 2 shots are from the AM time when we were getting ready to leave for the day.

Please enjoy a vlog from this day. Beth ( :

Eagle sighting

Kayakin' Photography: 1. It takes a steady hand. 2. It ain't easy!!! 3. They do stare, eagles see everything & this one knew he was being watching. I am not sure he like it either. 4. You have to be very determined. 5. Are you cut out for kayakin' photography? 
An time I get to see an eagle in their natural habit I get really excited!! Don't you? Don't mind me I do get a bit teary eyed too. I truly can understand why bald eagles are considering the nation bird of the USA. They are just amazing birds. Does anyone know if they are on the endangered list any more? I keep hearing mixed thoughts? Some say their #'s are ok, other times I hear they are endangered in being in case of extinction. We got to see this eagle on our kayaking trip while at "Occoneechee State Park, Clarksville, VA". Here is a "eagle" we saw in Canada at the International boundary, check it out!!! Beth ( :

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Occoneechee State Park, Clarksville, Virginia

We enjoyed a family reunion on Sunday afternoon of 8/2/2015 & took a night in at "Occoneechee State Park", Clarksville, Virginia. most locals call this lake Buggs Island Lake. We have never kayaked at this lake so it was fun to take in the sights. Lots of wakes thanks to all the big monster boats. I will be sharing the eagle we got to see while on this kayaking ride very soon. stay tuned please.

Please enjoy this video of the evening!! ENJOY!!! Beth ( :

Lincoln's New Salem, Petersburg, Illinois

"Lincoln's New Salem", Petersburg, Illinois. Can we just say 1st how difficult it is to spell ILLINOIS. nuts!! I think it is even easier to spell MISSISSIPPI. right??!

We were told about this site, thanks to a tour guide in Colorado, he said there is a man who works here that look just like Abe Lincoln himself during his young years. Now if you know anything about me, I LOVE HISTORY. 2nd I love anything Abe Lincoln, he's one of my most favorite presidents ever. So I was super excited to meet this gentleman, do you think he was working the day we visited? nope, any ways... A lovely walk & we had fun seeing all the animals. I wonder why we live in such big homes, this one above shows a nice size home all you need in one little room. Less space, less money to pay each month. Sounds good to me!!! Beth ( :

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Antique Archaeology, LeClaire, Iowa

"Antique Archaeology, LeClaire, Iowa". "American Pickers" on the History channel with Mike Wolfe, Frank Fritz, & Danielle Colby. My fave was always Danielle, love all her tats & her silly fun attitude. 
The hubby & I when we had cable would always catch the show, now that the cable is not around any more, only rabbit ears here folks, we have the chance to see any episodes we missed thanks to Netflix. 
The saddest part of going to see this place, was that fact that none of the people from the show we around to say hey or whatnot, 2nd that what they show you on the tv episode is not what you will see when you visit their place of business there in Iowa, nope ... sorry folks it is all for show. not real. WHAT??!!!? We recently when to their Nashville, Tennessee location & it was so much more huge of a building, way more people visiting too, I will be sharing that soon. Beth ( :

Amana Woolen Mill, Amana, Iowa

"Amana Woolen Mill". We did look at their amazing work, would have loved to take home of these blankets, but they were not within our price range. On trips you have to give & take. A picture will have to do. Enjoy!!! Always such a fan of seeing how items are made, very cool to see that products are still made within the great country of the USA. way cool!!!  I'm guessing that the building above is the train station. The day we were there it was pretty empty and not a lot of the Amana businesses were open. Beth ( :

Elkhorn Lake, Virginia

Hey there!! On 7/6/2015 we got to go to this 54 acre lake, Elkhorn Lake, Virginia. Not sure how it go it's name, there are no elk or horns? I'm not sure if the elk use to roam these lands or???! This lake is part of the George Washington and Jefferson National Forests. The whole drive to this lake the skies were threatening the chance of rain, The hubby said it was suppose to be more southern storm, but those skies were wild, as we were loading up the kayaks to leave the skies opened & it poured down. 

Please take a listen to the vlog of that day!! Enjoy!!! Beth ( :