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squirreling around at Red Rock Canyon

for you folks who normally shoot pics of critters, i really do say how the heck do you do it? you are really patient, have lots of time, or enjoy the wait? don't make noise, light as a feather, have lots of camouflage or what? 
this cute squirrel was totally into his treat. his early breakfast. he was completely ignoring me. i got my zoom on and BAM we have 4 shots. a bit the same, same angle, etc, i was afraid to move, that he/she would get bored of me staring at him/she and wonder off. but all different in my opinion, considering i am not a critter normal shooter. pics taken late August 2014. Beth ( :
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Cameron Lake, Alberta, Canada

"Cameron Lake", the hubby & i got there and decided to take out their 2 person kayak. we kayak often. we own 2 single person kayaks. so this was real change. an adjustment indeed. but fun all the same.

enjoy this video to see more of in depth closer look into that glorious day. have a ball!!! pics taken late August 2014. Beth ( :

Blakiston Falls, Red Rock Canyon, Red Rock Parkway, Canada

"Blakiston Falls", Red Rock Canyon, Red Rock Parkway, could keep you busy for hours. lots of sights and hiking to be had. we had a quick hike. our time in Canada was packed full of must sees.

please do watch the video. as if you are right there. pics taken late August 2014. Beth ( :

Cameron Falls, Waterton Lakes National Park, Canada

1st off - I wish to say Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day to all!! enjoy you day!! Keep a smile & I want to Thank You for stoppin' in today!! take care. ( :

"Cameron Falls", was very close walk to our campground. lots of people that day. i took my picture and then ran away. i am not much on loud, noise places. i prefer quiet. one group was a school trip. lots of fat chipmunks running around begging for food. one even tried to stare me down, giving me those cute chipmunk eyes, please feed me, please??! no food from me. i know better than that. it seems others do not. not cool. 
quick story, there was a puma sighting (it was even in the area newspapers, it was a big story) and he/she attacked a girl. the rangers killed the puma, which breaks my heart. i feel we are humans in their territory. if we don't do or go by the correct rules, stay back from wildlife, don't feed them, don't do anything with them at all, maybe take a picture or two (from a distance) and…

view from the Prince of Wales Hotel, Canada

the view is amazing. the winds are wild and crazy. you have to be firm footed or you will surely blow away. it is wild. the windows were blowing like crazy through our lunch. 
the folks we chatted with said the hotel is rumored to be haunted. we never saw any clues to that fact, but it is a great story to hear. ghosts and all.
hope you can see the arrow in the 3 shot, that is about where the campground is, a nice little hike. a great area for walking, biking and getting around with the greatest of ease.

this is a video from the front of the hotel, to show you the wind and the wild noises it did make. so windy. enjoy!! pics taken on our trip in late August 2014. Beth ( :

eagle at the international boundary

what a find interesting about the Canada and the United States there are borders that are well trimmed. up and over those mtns. now that would be a real workout. international boundary. i bet if you were hiking you might get stopped? you think?!!
at the boat stop if you wanted to go hiking would need to show your passport to get back into the United States. 
i would like to say considering it is my blog that is a United States eagle. but it just might be a duel citizen. like i wish i was. need to look into that. hey pretty birdie you sure are lovely, are you looking for a fish? or just chillin' the day away? so jealous of his location. very nice. we were visiting this area late August 2014. Beth ( :
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Canadian boat ride

we were waiting on the boat which would take us from "Waterton Lakes, Canada" to "Goat Haunt, Montana" we got some coffee, a snack and took in some of the area views. just enjoying the wait.

we decided to have lunch "Princes of Wales Hotel". i thought i had taken shots of our meal, but i guess i forgot. the hubby got "bangers and mash" (for you folks who are not familiar with this, it is sausages and mash potatoes), i got shepherd's pie. which included some beef and lamb.

more shots of the boat ride and the lunch walk to come. we were visiting this area in late August 2014. Beth ( :

Bayshore Lakeside Chophouse, Alberta, Canada

we had dinner 2 nights in a row at the "Bayshore Lakeside Chophouse". yummy food and drinks. these shots are from our 1st dinner there. the hubby is a pina colada fan, me i am a mint, lime, pomegranate mojito. just delicious!! i must admit that i don't drink alot. just on special occasions. i enjoy a good Boone's Farm (Fuzzy Navel or Strawberry Daiquiri.) every once in a while. but it is not the norm. we do not like beer or wine. Virginia is a real wine state. lately we have noticed the hard cider and local beers have become the famous thing folks are getting into. we did try these drinks thanks to the waitresses suggestion. & boy am i glad i went with the mojito because it was just delicious!! very good.
the view was to die for. so lovely. we sat on the back porch. enjoyed the mountain view. we talked with several locals on what to see while in the area. must sees. don't leave before you stop at kind of places. we did walked to and from our Waterton Lakes c…

Waterton Townside Campsites, Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta, Canada

Happy New Year! 2015, let's get started. 
Enjoy some Canadian views. got tissues, I'm ready to drool. aren't you? ( :

Waterton Lakes National Park, Canada. we stayed in the "Waterton Townside Campground". the view is just amazing. drool times. these are the views we got to see, surrounded by mountains and water views. we were there for 3 nights. & to be honest I could have stayed more. but you know what? we had to move pn. the schedule was tight as is. it was perfect times. this campground would definitely go onto our must see again one day i hope kind of place. (and to be honest we have been to several campground that we wish we would never ever see again too. it happens. you live and learn.)

here is a video for the view from the waterfront. enjoy!! we were visiting this area in late August 2014. Beth ( :