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Kancamagus Collectables

  Kancamagus Collectables, New Hampshire off or very near to the: Kancamagus Scenic Byway: 34.5 scenic drive What a gorgeous area of New Hampshire ... I guess sort of similar to the Blue Ridge Parkway or Skyline Drive in Virginia ...just a gorgeous drive ...with lots of stop offs, viewing areas, hiking, scenery ...depends on when u r visiting ... like during the winter lots of skiing would be had. This collectable store was fun to see ...then you walk through another set of doors and you can see the antique cars. What fun! We saw that they have a "haunted car" completely forgot to ask about it that we are gone ...we are wondering which one it might have been??! so curious!!  Outside ... photo #5 is the view I am thinking of ...those cars make me think of "Mister Bean", not sure if you are familiar with the British humor (comedy) love him to piece ...he just is too too much for me ... I get to laughing over him and his silliness. There are so similar cars on t

Church of Saint John

The Episcopal Church of Saint John The Baptist,  Sanbornville, New Hampshire We saw this on one of our day trips through New Hampshire in May 2021. So fun. It was amazing to see spring happening in there area. Most of the spring was gone from Virginia it was great to see it was moving much slower in the northern states. Love that!! Beauty day with lots of puffy clouds. So pretty. Thank You, for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ; Linking Up to: " InSPIRED Sunday "

Loon Sighting

Loon Preservation Committee (603) 476-5666 183 Lee Mill Road Moultonborough, NH 03254 We were so lucky to be staying in a camp area where we saw these beauties. The hubby took these shots with this Android cell phone. It did pretty good. This was the first time we caught them in the day time and with a camera. Usually we did listen to them during the evening hours. So pretty. We did visit the Loon Preservation there on Lee Mill Road. So fun to learn a bit more about the amazing bird the loon. So amazing how in the winter they have different colored feathers and only gain the black and white coloring during the mating season. They do a lot of separate traveling but then hooked back up in the warmer months to have young ones.  Have you ever been super lucky to see one in person? I know we were camping previously in North Carolina, New York, Minnesota and did hear them, not sure we ever saw them ...the sound is so peaceful.  I think I can honestly say one of my most fav

Parsonsfield - Porter Historical Bridge

Parsonsfield - Porter Historical Bridge  1876. Restored 1999. "The Porter-Parsonsfield Bridge was built by the towns of Porter and Parsonsfield as a joint project over the Ossipee River in 1859. There was a dispute over the costs of building and maintaining the new bridge. A group of selectmen from each town met on the old, uncovered span. The meeting culminated when a selectman from Parsonsfield took a jackknife and tossed it at the midpoint of the span. He proceeded to say “the town of Parsonsfield shall build so far and no further!” The 152-foot structure is of Paddleford construction strengthened with laminated wooded arches. The bridge, located one-half mile south of Porter, was closed to traffic in 1960 when a new bridge was built upstream." (I had to share this bit because I thought it was just too awesome 2 not share, wow. Those were the days. I guess folks and times have changed a bit??! Maybe??!) Gorgeous day trip into Maine from our camping location in New Hampshi

Blue Skies Aplenty

  We were traveling to days back to back in little towns throughout New Hampshire ... Tamworth and Sandwich ...but we didn't find any "sandwich" places open in SANDWICH?? shocker!! any who ... I did try to zoom on these but I don't see what I need to give you a proper name for each ...but so pretty. If you miss the last church post see it " here ". I didn't plan those puffy clouds but aren't they fun. If you are in the Sandwich, NH area check out the area quaint and gorgeous. I love scenic view!!  WAIT a moment, I do believe I'm correct the one with the clock is in fact "Community Church of Sandwich, NH, 12 Church Street Center"  Found that on their FB page, that was cool. Glad I can put a name to a picture, as they so say ... so cool. Love it when I find the info I wished for ... I love a church or any building really with a clock face. Now the one at the top by itself, I was on google earth ... I think it was around the corner s