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Field, British Columbia, Canada

Some times life just works out a certain way. Case in point. We drove to Field, which is British Columbia, Canada. Went to head back across the train track and got stopped by this super long train. So we got out & got to see this old train station. & the hubby got to be super helpful to an older couple who was having a fuel leak. Too bad you could not go in to the train station & see even more architecture from this cool beauty.

Here is a train video please watch. & I thought that American trains were long but this Canadian train is way way long. ha. ha!! Do folks still do Chinese Fire drills? i think that is what they are called where you jump out of your car, run around the to another door and jump back in and drive off??! Beth ( :

Natural Bridge, Alberta, Canada

"Natural Bridge", Alberta, Canada. Now I must admit I thought the bridge would look more like a bridge ...but this is what you get. it is gorgeous all the same but still i assumed it would be more bridge-like. check out the "Natural Bridge, Virginia" to see where I am coming from in thinking what a bridge looks like. you tell me??! 

here is a video of the day there at the natural bridge. enjoy it!! You have a lovely day! Beth ( :

Blue Mtn. Brewery, Virginia

Hey there friends, thank you for stopping on by. Glad to have ya here. 
Last Monday 3/16/2014 ...the hubby had the day off from work so we took a country drive in his 1970 Boss Mustang, it was a gorgeous day. A bit windy. We took a suggestion from my Dad to check out the "Blue Mountain Brewery & Restaurant". As you can see the meal we had was so tasty. We got salads (hubby got a veggie salad, I got a Caesar salad with extra tasty croutons!!!) and a white pesto veggie pizza. Just delicious!! We even took some leftovers home. They do have brewery tours on Saturday if you are beer fan. This area of Virginia is just gorgeous. Gorgeous mountain views. The Blue Ridge Parkway. The Skyline Drive. Hiking, Biking, Camping and just enjoying the outdoors. Several wineries, breweries and even a new found love for some hard cider. are you a fan? Beth ( :
linking up to Theresa's "Good Fences".

"Cilantro" for lunch - Moranine Lake, Lake Louise, Emerald Lake

we had a wonderful lunch at "Cilantro". it was a fun awesome view and a great lunch. we got there very early. a huge bus had arrive and we were high-tailing it before they got to the lunch line. it worked out well. 
let me tell you a bit about my hubby. we always order 2 dishes, we both sample a bit of both & he always allowed me to pick my fave. smart man. so love him for that. i got a keeper. thankful and blessed i am. have a good day! Beth ( :

Lake Louise

i truly feel there are no words to tell how you must see this area of Canada. from these shots they do give you a true picture. give justice. just breathtaking. perfect in all it's glory!!! Canada you rock!!! 
Lake Louise, is gorgeous from any area. up high from a gondola ride, or very close such as these views. do enjoy! Beth ( :
linking up to Theresa's "Good Fences".

bear sighting

these shots were taken while riding down on the gondola ride visiting Lake Louise. so it was a real chore trying to zoom the camera, not shake and get a half way good shot. it was fun. but i wanted to get an even better shot. 
now how often do you see a lady grizzly like this up close. she was such a beauty. unlike the ones you might see in the zoo, circus & suchness. the folks working there were for sure she was with cub staying so close. maybe she had other reasons? food? fun? relaxation? Beth ( ; linking up with Eileen at "Saturday's Critters".

Lake Louise gondola ride

our gondola ride while at Lake Louise ...just amazing. we had an amazing dinner drooling over this view. it's funny how you think you get all the essential shots & then you get home and realize you must have never taken a meal picture? oops!!! 
saw a grizzly bear. pics i will share very soon. there are fences every where surrounding the area because bears are known to be so close. 
my question is: if a bear really wanted to get through, would those electrical fences really keep them out? or is it just something to make us think it is keeping us safe??! Beth ( :

upper & lower falls at Johnston Canyon

upper & lower falls at "Johnston Canyon" is a hike, so be prepared. eat a snack,  take lunch and water. just a hint!! if you are afraid of height this might NOT be the hike for you. you have to walk very close to others & take some interesting twists and turns.

here is a video of the waterfalls so you can see the force, sound, all that jazz. enjoy!! pics taken August 2014. Beth ( :