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Phillips, Maine

  Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes Railroad 128 Bridge Street, Phillips, Maine MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Have a blessed holiday season. Stay warm and cozy. Here hoping that for us all that 2023 will be so awesome!! Cute place to see. Dedicated crew, who are all are volunteers working on all this or that throughout this cute little railroad. I love that they are going out of their way to make this railroad back to "new" condition.  A must see if you are in the Phillips, Maine. Amazing these folks are so talented and able to get it going each year. Be sure to check the schedule, you don't wanna miss out. We didn't ride, we actually arrived a bit late, it had gone on down the line. LOL!! We did walk to see where it ended up can see the round house where they house the cars. What fun. Are you a railroad fan? Thanks for the visit. Hope you are well today. Check ya here again soon. Be Well. Beth ( :

Mansfield, Ohio

All views are from the Mansfield, Ohio area. The first would be a bench area from a movie scene. Photo with flower blooms right near the carrousel ...they really take care of their street views ...very quaint and fun. I really love it when cities do the extra mile to make the eyes happy.  Richland Carrousel Park, 75 N. Main Street   This is a free walk around, if you pick to ride, there is a charge of course. So fun to see all these amazing animals. What a great carrousel. Very cool!!! Hope you will get a chance to check it out yourself one day soon. Mansfield is really a gorgeous area of Ohio. The Ohio State Reformatory, 100 Reformatory Road Have you ever seen the movie "The Shawshank Redemption"? It did come out in 1994 with Tim Robbins, Morgan Freeman many amazing actors and actresses.  "Remember Red, hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies."   Now I only most recently s

Alice Hand Callaway

  Alice Hand Callaway Visitor Center & Conservatory, Athens, Georgia Hello, kind of a funny, awkward, weird story to tell in this visit. I debated sharing, but gardens are free and enjoying the beauty is so fun. Makes you days lighter, makes you smile and it's FREE!! hello. FREE. not much in the world is free anymore, I mean right??! LOL!! So, we walk up to the visitor center after all it is meant to be "visited", right?? So, we thought, but that day we did visit they were having a "meeting", well that is NICE but hey, we are visiting, shocker!! Visiting from Virginia ...don't ya think that is important to have VISTORS, who might be visiting to check the place out?? So, we didn't get to visit in the visitors' center which is the last photo within my post. What I thought was cool they call it "living laboratory", what a great wording there. It is always changing, no matter the season, so cool!! As always, I joke about the way google (blo

Muskallonge Lake

  Muskallonge Lake State Park, Michigan  We stayed at this state park, about 3 days ...great stopping point. We tend to just stay somewhere and venture out daily to see points off from that point. We had wanted to go kayaking, but those waters you see in those pictures, were some ROUGH waters. Oh well, the view sure was pretty. ENJOY!! Taken late May early June 2022. We always enjoy our travels in Michigan. It's an awesome state. Have you ever traveled there before???  Hope you are well today. Thank you kindly for stopping by. Take Care. Beth ( ; 

Shipwreck Tours

  We took  "Glass Bottom Shipwreck Tours" . "trip takes about 2 hours, visiting 2 different shipwreck sites, rock cliffs... historic lighthouse, and ...Grand Island & Munising Bay".   Now for picture taking purposes it is so tough to get the pictures of the shipwreck pieces to show up??? You are looking through the bottom of the glass boat, now it is great to see, but not clear at all in the photos. Sadly, had to delete them all, nothing was clear or even made you know what you were looking at??! Fuzzy. You just have to be there and enjoy. So cool. Glad we got the chance. WAY FUN!! I know I've told ya that my hubby and I love Michigan matter what section. I went online to get the bit about Michigan but couldn't find it, now if you didn't realize all or maybe I should say most folks who are from Michigan, will use their hand to say where to go, visit, and see where they live. We can't do that with Virginia. Makes me always smile. I just did