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Fort Clinch State Park, Florida

Fort Clinch State Park, Florida Just a hop, skip and a jump away from the campsites ...u get this beachfront view, so peaceful. I really enjoy beach walking, it is like you can hear yourself thinking, u can shake out all the silliness and just be YOU! Hey, God it's me Beth (he's showing off you know, I think he does that 'cause he know I have my camera, was that not nice of him? so cool!!) ...I'm 40 any time you wanna slap, ((I know you don't believe in violence, but sometimes it is needed when we are completely not listening or just missing the point??!)) me across the face and tell me what the heck to do, I am ready??! I am able and willing? You are probably super busy, dealing with other silliness going on. I am probably doing okay ... compared to others. I get it ... I'll keep my ears open. Promise! Tell all my loved ones hi, I miss them. Lately, I have been really miss my Grandma, and my Great Aunt. Hope they are treating u go

Faith Chapel, Georgia

Faith Chapel Est. 1904 Jekyll Island, Georgia Faith In Community (this sign is posted outside of the church, figured I would share the words...) At the peak of the winter season the community of Jekyll Island Club was at time rather large - and it quickly outgrew its original chapel. In the new chapel not only the members worshiped, but employees and guests were also found among the choir and congregation. Only the Club family enjoyed a wedding at Faith Chapel, but many employees used the chapel for weddings. Several baptisms and even a few funerals were held in the church. It was not open for visitors was under construction / repair? I was so curious, what is that statement? "curiosity kills the cat" ... will it about killed Beth?? I did google it ...and what a beauty, the ceiling, would have been so cool 2 see, how horrible to not get to see it in person when we were right there??! I'm happy to see what it was like, thanks you the

Jekyll Island, Georgia

Jekyll Island is located off the coast of the U.S. state of Georgia, in Glynn County. It is one of the Sea Islands and one of the Golden Isles of Georgia barrier islands. The island is owned by the State of Georgia and run by a self-sustaining, self-governing body. Let me tell u something about Jekyll Island, Georgia ... There is a $6.00 Daily Pass Charge ...not sure if that will change when you travel there, but when were there 11/06/2018, it was that price? WATCH YOUR SPEED. The cops are out and they are money hungry. Okay ...have a nice day ... That's all. Take Care. Kidding. But seriously your speed and you should be great. I was not comfortable on this island ...I would not fit in well with the rich folks was not something I felt or did enjoy. Now I am not broke ...but I am so far from rich it is not funny. & Maybe some rich folks are super nice ...I don't know ...but I just felt that so many people were giving you those over your glass

Amelia Island Lighthouse, Florida

Amelia Island Lighthouse, Address: 215 Lighthouse Circle, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034 The Amelia Island Lighthouse is the oldest existing  lighthouse in the state of Florida.   From our understanding it is a private residence and not open to the public, it is in a well gated area, u figure that one out??! ...what I'll never get about these historical locations in this world, why are they private, apparently Florida, sold this lighthouse, U SOLD IT? really??! I would think if you did in fact sell it ..maybe state that u have to allow your visitors to still have the chance to see it .. takes some pics ...something??! Seems so silly, dumb even. They have to know that the public wants to visit and take pics??! They just have to? RIGHT??! but there is no way to get a great shot, unless u have a super powerful camera ... it is just not cool! I got a white bird ...bird people what kind is that? I noticed it when I was preparing these pics for this post ... di