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Super Museum, Metropolis, IL

Super Museum, 517 Market Street, Metropolis, IL "Truth, Justice and the American Way" (quote on the Superman statue) Are you a Superman fan? As a kid my big brother was always really into superheros, so I guess it really rubbed off on me, because my love for them is there as well. I love Star Wars, Spiderman, all those cool movies, never been a fan of Star Trek. I mean I can appreciate it, but I don't love it, like I LOVE STAR WARS ...but we are talking SUPERMAN. I remember the old version from the 50's played by George Reeves (no relation to Christopher Reeves, who played the part 1978) was my fave. I've always had a love for black and white films. Maybe that's part of why I enjoy it more??! No clue??!?!?!??!!! I hope that soon this group who do own this museum will find the ability to move this museum to a larger space, it was busting that the seams with all these amazing items, but the lighting was not that great? I don't know abo

Pineapple Fountain, Charleston, SC

The Pineapple Fountain which is part of Charleston Waterfront Park, South Carolina. While we were waiting on the City Gallery to open, they open 10 am (please google that, we went on a Monday, apparently they are closed on Monday, had paid for a parking spot and everything, CHECK THAT 2!!!). Did miss this post "Mary Whyte - We The People" , I am sure this art gallery is always changing, we have only visit this once when seeing Mary Whyte's art work. Such a gorgeous area of Charleston, SC. This fountain opened in 1990, the spring after Hurricane Hugo. Pineapples are common within Charleston and they represent hospitality. Thanks for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Be Well & Be Blessed!! Beth ( ;

Aiken-Rhett House, Charleston, S.C.

Aiken-Rhett House, 48 Elizabeth St., Charleston, SC I can not tell you how many plantations I have seen in my 41 years of life. But I know lots and lots, so I can tell you without a doubt, this one really made my historical heart happy!!! It is a self guided 45  min. tour (they have 1 hour parking around the home), you can get an iPod with headphones to listen 2 while walking around, viewing and drool over each and every sight amazing!! I am going to have to do some more research and see if there are other plantations out there in the US, Canada that are similar to this one and keep it preserved for folks to see? I remember saying not that long ago ...what a great idea that would be? Wonder why more folks don't do that? No disrespect to others but why do folks come in and change things ...the point of historical building is the history. When you come in and start changing this or that ...why? Makes you wonder what they were thinking??! WHAT? WHY? One idea

Edisto Beach State Park, SC

Are you a beach fan? We tend to go during the cooler months ...usually to celebrate our wedding anniversary in November. Walking on the beach during those cool moments, with not that many folks around is just so peaceful. Perfect. Our favorite state park in South Carolina was Hunting Island State Park "post 1" & "post 2" . With all the recent hurricanes that have brought such destruction to that state park, the campground we did stay in is completely gone, we have yet to see what is left ...but we have heard that they made into a day use area. So sad to know it is completely gone! What we did enjoy about this state park it is similar in the "water front camping feel" but it is just not Hunting Island SP! Not sure if you have never found a spot that just stays in your heart and you just love it to pieces??! We were there late Nov 2019. Are you a shell keeper I have gotten older I don't take them, I like to think that there ar