Thompson Mill Covered Bridge

Thompson Mill Covered Bridge, Cowden, Illinois - 1868

This bridge crosses the Kaskaskia River. 160 foot 4 inch Howe truss bridge is only 
7 inches wide, making it the narrowest covered bridge in Illinois.

I will NOT be zooming on this covered bridge ...sadly the locals ...not sure if teenagers or adults ...but some one has spray painted this beauty, with horrible, unspeakable language ...we always JOKE, if you can joke about such a rude manner, at least spell it right, if you are going to write it??! so silly ...why oh why we allow our folks to damage and deface such historical locations ...I don't know??! I just can not put into words, understand, comprehend just blows my mind. I can not honestly figure out how to give kids these days the information (the stories, why these items are so important to where we were, are, how we got to this place, etc.??!) on how to learn that these items are important ...The men that build these masterpieces with their bare hands ...I mean I can imagine their efforts, struggles to achieve such a bridge ...pile on to that, 10 times, and more ...the Golden Gate Bridge, bridges every where and other amazing structures throughout the USA, Canada and all around this amazing world. It has to start some where ...I am thankful my parents taught me the abilities to be amazed by such wonderment!!

Thank you for stopping by. Hope you are well. Take Care!! Beth ( ;


Jenn Jilks said…
It really is shameful, isn't it?
eileeninmd said…
Hello Beth,

I love the covered bridges. It is sad that someone has written on the bridge. These could be our future leaders, they have no respect. It is sad! Your photos are pretty, love the bridge scene. Have a great day and a happy new week!

Ruth Hiebert said…
It is a lovely little bridge. What a shame that someone takes delight in messing up these things.
This N That said…
A lot of our bridges have seen a lot of graffiti as well..Very sad..
Laurel Wood said…
Such a shame to ruin such a remarkable site. Hope you enjoyed a safe holiday. xo ME

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