Ghost Church


I normally share a post on Sunday, but this week seems a bit like I need to jump in a bit quicker to share my last ever "InSPIREd Sunday" church post. ((Sounds like Bill might be keeping the InSPIREd Sunday posts alive?? Waiting to hear from Sally, hope so. Glad to hear it. I know we all will keep ya posted on all those details... so maybe this post is not the last for this "link up" ??!! More INFO to come.)) Please go visit all the others. On 4/4/2021, the hubby and I took a drive in the countryside of Virginia. Some where near or around Little River Road, Craigsville / Swoope area. We do that often, when we have some FREE TIME. This beauty was off in the trees, the hubby and I were trying to do some research, but so far no luck???!! At one time this was probably a gorgeous church, maybe some one knows something I don't? Still beautiful even though it might look forgotten. Good bones at least, don't ya think??! Thank You, for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Take Care, Beth


William Kendall said…
An appropriate term for it.
This N That said…
Love those pictures..Forgotten but still beautiful in it's way...Sad that you couldn't find out anything about it..Enjoy your weekend..
The Greenockian said…
Interesting post. Wonder why it was abandoned!?
Hope you will be posting your beautiful photos because the blog will still be around thanks to Billy.

Very beautiful, secret church and great photos.
Have a wonderful Sunday.
Hugs and greetings.
eileeninmd said…

Ghost Church is a great title for your post.
I hope you can find out more about this church, neat photos!
Happy Sunday, have a great new week ahead!
Jim said…
Quite an interesting post.
Billy Blue Eyes said…
Does look ghostly through those trees. I hope you will post now and then, we will miss the churches you show if you do stop
Linda said…
Very intriguing.

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