Anamosa Bridge


Walwort Avenue Bridge over Wapsipinicon River, Anamosa, Iowa 
Built 1887

We have been trying to figure out what the bridge's name is, because when we zoom into the name above there it is too tiny to read ...thinking it is the "Anamosa Bridge"? Love the fancy-ness going on, way cool. Neat area of Iowa. We got several waves from some construction folks. Friendly people around there. Thank you for stopping by. Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ; 


eileeninmd said…
Hello Beth

What a neat old bridge, I guess it is safe to walk over.
I have never been to Iowa. Happy Sunday, wishing you a great new week!
William Kendall said…
It looks well built.
Ruth Hiebert said…
It is a nice bridge.
Linda said…
Thanks for sharing this old bridge.

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