"settled in 1830's. growth seen in 1870's. Waverly, AL first appeared on maps in 1853. 
Nickname for the area "Pea Ridge" but this was never an official name."

This was a rainy-day trip, I do believe it was a Sunday, do to the no folks around, they roll up the streets as they say, ...fun looking around, yet again a quaint, small-town feel, are you like me and dream of living in a small town, where everyone knows your name? Or are you one who prefers something so different???! We love seeing architecture, so fun!!! I couldn't get over how kind folks are in Alabama, I didn't witness any tailgating, or any rude road behave in these small towns, folks were so kind, giving you the road, being more laid back and not rushing, allowing you into traffic, allowed you through to get into line, just really patient ...I see they have an ... ...

  "Annual BBQ festival in October, on the second Saturday every year since the 1990's. 
They have pork and chicken BBQ, as well as art & crafts."

I would enjoy seeing that, we love have BBQ. Checking out great foods and seeing it happening in small town USA. I wonder how busy it might be???! Thanks, for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Take Care. Beth ( ; 


Jenn Jilks said…
Interesting buildings, for sure!
William Kendall said…
A lovely small town.
Linda said…
No tailgating sounds nice! I like to drive at the speed limit on two-lane roads, and someone is always tailgating me because they wanna go fast. (I admit to speeding on the interstate sometimes.)
This N That said…
Looks like a cute little town..Hope you are staying cool..

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