VA furnace


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 if you are 1 who does (or wishes to) follow along with the hubs & my journey of our boat being built, ...update ... please see this... 

In December 2023, not sure of the date but it was on one find gorgeous weekend, going out looking for land, great views and something that will make us ultra happy!! Do you know we have been looking over 3 years now, we are not 1 who is looking for something right now, just something that will knock our socks, shoes and shades off. LOL!!!  We did find this beauty. Trying to find some research to share with you, in case you wanna see it in person. Solitude Road, Jennings Creek, Buchanan, VA 24066.

Here are some links if you wanna do some more researching about "furnaces"...

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Linda said…
That’s good advice. We have some old iron furnaces around here and they’re very interesting. They were huge operations at one time, much bigger than the evidence that’s left would suggest. Those old furnaces were built to be strong.

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