Stokesville, Virginia


"The village of Stokesville, established by 1901, because a boomtown after the Chesapeake Westerns Railway was extended here in 1902. Tram lines into the mountains brought timber to the railhead. Lumber mills, bark tanneries, a stave and heading factory, and other enterprises attracted many workers, and the town's population reached 1,500 by 1905. A passenger depot, post office, hospital hotels, stores, and a church served the community. Stokesville declined after 1910 as the area's timber supply dwindled. A flood in 1949 destroyed most of its remaining structures. The town was named for the Stokes family, financial backers of the railroad." 

Wow, Stokesville, Virginia is such a sweet area, we were lucky to have found it by accident those traveling moments. The weekend of May 14, 2023, on that gorgeous Sunday, it was a clear, a day with those big puffy clouds, not the type with rain due soon, but those happy huge, where you can lay in the field and look up and enjoy them, finding critters and all in those clouds. Decent temperature kind of day, picturesque ...we were driving in the countryside just enjoying the drive, the quiet and trying to unwind. Don't ya love those kind of moments???! 

They are so perfect, hold onto them ...for when you might have one of those moments that life just plain stinks. LOL!! Down & out, you will remember the great times!!! Kind of like a "snow globe", that perfect moments to grab up and hold onto forever and ever. Not only was this fun to find but I did learn something about Virginia that I never knew ...I had never heard of this area, got to researching online (it was like opening a huge can of worm, but boy was it fun, I love learning and learning about Virginia is a real blessing. Such a favorite. But you know that!!! SMILES!) and share with you my bloggy friends. Please enjoy! Thank you for stopping by. Hope you are well today. Take Care. Beth ( ; 


Jenn Jilks said…
You have most marvellous adventures! Thank you for sharing them, and have a wonderful week!
Linda said…
Neat! I like that they restored a caboose to honor their history
William Kendall said…
How often does one see a retired caboose?

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