Eisenhower Museum, KS

Hey There!! Today we are visiting the Eisenhower Museum ...I will share with you several views that were my most faves (sorry for the glare, that is extremely tough to not get that when you are viewing items at museums, but these views were just 2 great to not share, a great time era, the fashion, the black and white photography, I really enjoy that!).... so many amazing times throughout his life and presidency. Great quotes, memorabilia, keepsakes and special moments. I think Mamie & I would have a ball chatting up a storm, her style is just amazing (I think my favorite dress is that floral one, I want to order one right now, where can I order one up, sign me up?!!! Is that not gorgeous!!!) ...I really enjoyed seeing so much about her. Loved it!! Please do enjoy!!! If you did miss "post 1" or maybe "post 2"? Thank you for stopping by today. Hope you are well. Be Well & Be Blessed!! Beth ( ; 


Again loved it ... my growing up era! I remember Mamie bangs! And that she loved pink! And again I’m sad we didn’t visit .
This N That said…
Interesting. I enjoyed your pictures. Have a great week..
Linda said…
The floral sundress is so cute! I recall that people felt Mamie was dowdy because her style was a few years behind the fashions and she was matronly. But there's nothing really wrong with that.
This N That said…
Makes lots of sense..I think a lot of us are that way..Thanks for sharing the serenity..stay safe

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